Aug 16 2012

Scandalous Love

If you ever had a past mistake thrown in your face, I learned yesterday how you respond to it is key.

I have a new hero.  A friend was attacked at work for stuff that she did before she knew Jesus, and it was true, but it wasn’t fair that it was brought back up.  She has asked for and already received forgiveness from God.

She’s my hero because she didn’t quit, a lot of people would have just walked out the door and never come back.  She responded with an explanation, and then forgave her accuser.

We all have stuff in our lives that we’re not proud of. That’s why we all need Jesus.

The thing is when you decide to believe in God, He forgives you and forgets all the bad stuff.  I heard someone describe that so well once when she said, “God’s love for me is scandalous”.

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8/16/2012 1:06:54 PM
Joelle United States
That's so true and thanks for sharing! None of my past has been brought up at work, because I haven't shared it with everyone, but those not living with Christ in their lives do tend to point out your flaws and highlight/broadcast your mistakes to everyone. I definitely pick and choose battles because you can't argue with someone who potentially doesn't even care for you as more than they have to work with you. I've sadly learned that many at my current place of work don't even hold a basic level respect for me. However, I know that my Heavenly Father has me on a trajectory to blessings that will take me beyond this place one day, so I stay focused on Him.
8/16/2012 1:58:36 PM
Emily Roush United States
Emily Roush
I was judged rather harshly by my doctor this morning, who asked personal questions that didn't really pertain to the reason for my visit. I innocently answered her questions, but was quickly judged for being a single mom and for the fact that my children rarely see my ex-husband or their grandparents on his side. It didn't matter to her why. The only thing that mattered is that I was "doing it wrong." I disagree! My children are happy and healhty and raised in an environment full of love and support. We have found God and he has welcomed us. That's far more important to me! I was hurt at first and put-off by being judged by someone who barely knows me and came to her own conculsions about me, but quickly realized there is only One who can judge me and he has forgiven me.
8/17/2012 9:56:16 AM
Bonnie Johnson United States
Bonnie Johnson
Did you post what you just read online...about when kids are read a response to them-to get out and do something, that the world owes you nothing but you have the obligation to get out and make it a better world. Thanks! Bonnie
8/17/2012 10:26:38 AM
Randy K United States
Randy K
I caught the forgiveness piece on the radio on my way home from work the other evening.  I am not sure what caused the storm, but her segment on forgiveness was so moving!  It is so true.  

I believe that people can change.  We all make mistakes.  When I mess up, I tend to beat myself up, then God reminds me of David.  A man after God's heart (1 Samuel 13:14 & 1 Samuel 16:7), David made many messes, but God knew what was in his heart.  Our relationship with Christ is the key.  He knows and understands that we make mistakes, but he loves us regardless of those mistakes.

When we fall in love with Christ, we change...not because we have to, but because we want to please Him.  Just as when we find that special someone we fall in love with, we make personal sacrifices to show our love.  How much love did Jesus have for us?  God is good!!
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