Sep 04 2012

Fancy "Footwork"

It’s that time of year…you might see that row of lawn chairs in the shade at your neighborhood park, maybe you’re sitting in one of those chairs…oh yeah it’s soccer season!  

This season their couldn't be a more special or excited soccer player, than, Gabriel Muniz. He's 11 years old, and his dream is to play professional soccer.  He’s from Brazil, where a lot of little boys have that same dream. But he’s different, special you might say.  

He's so special that the pro-team, FC Barcelona, has invited him to their youth training camp.  It’s his fancy footwork that got their attention.  You see Gabriel doesn’t have feet.  

He was born that way, but never saw it as a limitation.  It makes you feel like your limitations, might not be so limiting either...

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