Sep 06 2012

Robin Robert's Bittersweet Goodbye

If you’ve lost a loved one recently, you might understand how Robin Roberts is feeling today…kind of bittersweet.

She’s the co-anchor from Good Morning America that is on medical leave for a bone marrow transplant, but she had to delay because her mother passed away.

She wrote on her blog yesterday after the funeral, “…momma gave me one final gift as her last act. She waited for me to get home Thursday to say goodbye. She was there when I took my first breath and what a privilege to hold her sweet hand when she took her last breath."

When you hit your knees tonight before bed, if you can spare some time, I'm sure Robin and her family would appreciate your prayers.

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9/6/2012 9:16:24 AM
Leslie United States
Keeping you and your family in prayer.  Your so strong, and I so admire you.  Missing you on GMA, but know God will heal you and you'll be back soon.  Special hugs in the loss of your mother.
9/6/2012 9:54:32 AM
Kathy Sullivan United States
Kathy Sullivan
What a blessing to have such a wonderful mother, you will be her continued expression of love!!! My
prayers!!  Kathy

9/6/2012 1:39:23 PM
Andrea Sinclair United States
Andrea Sinclair
This made me tear up. I could hardly handle my Father passing and I wasn't dealing with the draining expirience of getting treated with cancer. The emotion and phisical drain of everything she is going through. Robin shares her amazing gifts with us on T.V and Iwill pray for her during this hard time. I pray for God to let her feel our orayers and his love!
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