Sep 08 2012

Divorce Is Never Easy, Especially in the Public Eye


So if you seen Saturday Night Life or that TV show Parks and

Recreation…you’ve probably been cheered up or made to laugh by Actress

Amy Poehler…

Now maybe it’s your turn to cheer her up.  Just saw something

surprising…she and her husband, also a comedian, Will Arnett, have

separated after 9 years of marriage.

Man you just never want to wish that on anyone.  Must be tough to have

your personal life out there for everyone to read.

They have two young kids…No matter if you agree with their views or

not, it’s still a family that’s hurting.

So, if you’re a praying person, they’d probably appreciate you saying

a few for them.

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9/11/2012 8:01:51 AM
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Indeed, going through divorce is really depressing, it can even turn your life upside down. Especially those who are in the public eye, who can’t have their marital status private and grieve for their ending relationship in private.
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