Sep 20 2012

Food doesn't Fulfill

If you’re NOT on diet today…you’re in the minority.

Saw this article saying that the average woman spends a staggering 17 years of life trying to loose weight.

It makes you think and wonder why you can’t be satisfied.

Here’s a theory:  You could be filling yourself up the wrong stuff.  A cheeseburger or slice of chocolate cake may work for a minute, but it’s not permanent.

The only thing that I have found that permanently fulfills me is my relationship with Jesus.  He’s my rock.

When I loose my way, and reach for that chocolate cake, or rely more on a friendship to fulfill me then Jesus, I pray this prayer:

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9/20/2012 11:40:47 AM
Wendy United States
THANK YOU K-LOVE for what you do!! Its days like today that make it hard to get thru, and listening to you everyday at work, is a true blessing!!! Love all of you guys!!
9/21/2012 12:51:55 PM
Kendra United States
I LOVE this post! The picture is now my background at work since I have the hardest time here at work filling myself with things to get through the day, when I know that all I need to fill me is God's love. What's crazy is I heard you say this prayer on the radio and I instantly looked for it on your blog page and I didn't see it  so I looked this afternoon and there it was, I was so thankful to see it up there! So thank you Amanda!
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