Sep 28 2012

Knock It Out Of The Park

Maybe you wish you could have a do-over for the job interview that you were late for.  Maybe you wish you could go find the "one that got away".

There's a guy that is actually getting a second chance like that to answer this "what if" question.

His name is Adam Greenberg.  Several years ago he was a new member of the Chicago Cubs.  It was his first major league at bat, a pitcher for the Marlins threw the first pitch, and hit him in the head.  He went down, and that was pretty much it for his baseball career.

Well until now.  The same team that threw that first pitch at him is giving him a second chance.  This coming Tuesday he gets one "at-bat".

Imagine that walk from the dugout to the batter's box.  It's for all of us who've wanted a second chance, and wondered "what if"...


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