Nov 19 2012

Meeting Alexis

Last week I had the great opportunity to hang out with you in New York at the Operation Christmas Child Packing party with Matthew West.

But, It wasn't the Empire State Building, the Christmas decorations on 34th street, or Times Square that were the highlight.

It was meeting Alexis.  She lives in the city and came to the concert last Thursday night.  When I shook her hand as she walked in the door of the Salvation Army Theatre, she started crying.  I thought I had said something wrong.  About 30 minutes later, she came back to find me, and told me her story.

Alexis suffered years of abuse as a child, and as a young adult turned to drugs to cover up the hurt.  Just a few months ago, she became sober, and discovered that there's only one thing that can cover up that hurt, a relationship with Jesus.  She said, listening to K-love helps her stay sober, and stay connected to God.  If you pray or give financially to K-LOVE, thank you for provided a life line for Alexis, and for so many more like her.

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