Nov 21 2012

Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters

The thing about holidays, you try so hard to plan everything perfectly, and the thing your family remembers is what went wrong.

Your thanksgiving cooking disasters today:

Classic story in my family:  My mom had just gotten remarried and we blended families. My mom my sister and I had moved in with my step dad and his 2 boys.

First thanksgiving as one big happy blended family was a big deal. Classic moment my mom pulls that turkey oven, perfectly cooked of course.  My step dad does the man of the house thing, and gets ready to carve the bird.

He pulls out this giant knife, presses it down and the turkey slides off the table, smacks the wood floor, and slides about 10 feet through the kitchen. My mother’s blood curdling scream…prompted the neighbors to call the police.  (well should have)  :-)  Sorry mom!

Just one big happy blended family.

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