Dec 27 2012

In Spite of the Mess

It’s funny how the things you remember (and tell others about) from your holiday…tends to be the things that didn’t go as planned.  The mishaps.

I had a wonderful time back home in Illinois with my family for Christmas, but it’s the mishap that we will never forget.  It more like a Christmas Sabotage Operation.  Two out of my 3 children snuck downstairs at 3am on Christmas Day and starting unwrapping presents by themselves!!!!  

My mother caught them in the act, woke me up, and we proceeded to explain to my 6 year old and 4 year old how bad their decision was.  Let’s just say, we were not jolly.  I ended up sleeping on the floor outside their door so if they tried it again, they would have to walk over me!    

I was so mad!  It’s funny how we try so hard to make everything perfect, and it’s never perfect.  

We may get frustrated with the mishaps or the mess of a holiday celebration gone wrong, or a life that’s a mess.

But, God loves us in spite of the mess, in fact cleaning up the mess, that’s his specialty. If you let Him. 

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