Jan 17 2013


Can people truly change?

I was talking to a friend of mine about whether or not people really can change.

I don't know about you, but I think, you can't change, if you try to change yourself.  But, if you want to change and you cry out to God and ask Him for help, you can't fail.  

There's a new song about that you've been hearing on K-LOVE.  It's from a band we don't normally play, Rascal Flats,  the message is incredible.  The line that gets me from that song is “I even started to forgive myself.”    

So yes, people can change, if you ask God for help.  How has God helped you change?





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1/17/2013 10:47:11 AM
natalie United States
well i can bject talk for hours on this subject on how God has changed and keeps remaking me.one is this, i used to have a horrible bad attitude towards anyone who was rude or mean to me first. i would be the first at a table with a group of friends to tell the waitress where to go when something was wrong. yet the the whole time trying to tell those same friends who Jesus was.
well it was starting to be joke i would say after,
oh man God is just testing me...im going to keep getting these type of people till i learn to not react.
well a few years and growing in Gods word i had a huge. test i was in great america for a christian concert with my 3 daughters a friend and her kids.
after a amazing performance by Lecrae we went to go on a ride.
as we were in line 4 girls cut the line and go figure stopped right in front of me. usually i would have something very negative to say. but that day i stopped and said lord are you really testing me at a christian event Frown ok ill just pray so i did i stood silent in prayer. as the line moved a amazing thing happened that day the girls began to walk and one stopped, my mind thought oh here we go shes probably going to say something crazy( cause now im working with him on judging) she looked at me and said i want to apologize for me and my friends i was not raised this way and im sorry for cutting in front of you.
speechless God is so good. So i said thank you i really appreciate that and maybe you could be a example for your friends.
ever since then i started to choose to say in my mine what would Jesus do in every situation and my reaction now is LOVE no matter what. you never know whats going on in the other persons life.
But it was God and his voice that changed that in me. Amen Smile
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