Jan 21 2013

Work Hard

 So they say honesty is the best policy.

If you’re looking for a job, you might want to take a cue for this guy’s now EPIC cover letter now gone viral.

He said,  “I won’t waste your time inflating my credentials, throwing around exaggerated job titles or feeding you any lines about how my past experiences and skill set alightn perfectly for an internship.  The truth is I have no unbelievable special skills or genius or eccentricities, but I will work hard for you..."

He sent it for an internship on wall street, now tons of people are trying to hire him.

If only people could be that honest with personal relationships.  I think it would work for Marriage, friendship, or dating.

It would be refreshing to hear, "Look I’m not going to say I can be the one that makes it all better, but I will work hard at loving you…" 


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