Jan 24 2013

It's Never Too Late

Do you have a dream and you feel like that ship has sailed, or that you have too much responsibility now to make it happen?

This story might change your mind.

It's about a woman, Agnes, who was a housewife and stay at home mom with a dream to teach.  So after the kids were raised, at age 61, she went back to school and got her teaching degree.  

She spends her days teaching cooking, sewing and costume making.  But, recently it's become more than that.  At age 99, with no plans of retiring, she is now America's Oldest Teacher. 

She said, "I just love it. It's really great. The kids are really good kids. The Lord will tell me when to stop."

Maybe her passion is the reason she's lived so long.  She has a purpose.  She is fulfilling her dream.

What's a dream that you don't want to give up on? 

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