Jan 28 2013

Trickle Down Effect

Here is an example that the 30 Day Challenge can have on you and the others around you.  It's a trickle down effect. 

The idea is that listening to just Christian music for 30 days will help you feel more encouraged throughout your day, and draw you closer to God.  

When you feel that way, others around you notice the difference, and often want what you’ve got.

The woman in the picture here started listening to k-LOVE about 8 months ago, and throuthout those 8 months, she decided she wasn’t where she wanted to be in lfie, so she began a relationship with God, and accepted Jesus as her personal savior. Last night she got baptized.  

Her husband was sitting in the pews watching.  He had watched her transformation over the last 8 months, and even decided to take the 30 Day Challenge himself  Last night, after his wife was baptized, he decided he needed to get right with God too and began a relationship with Him at that service. 

You just never know what it is that encourages someone to accept Jesus.  Maybe a song, a person, or all of the above.

How has the 30 Day Challenge impact you and the others around you? 

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