Feb 14 2013

A Love Note From God

Maybe your Valentine's day is full of red roses and boxes of chocolate. Or maybe it's full of disappointment and apathy.

If this is the case, I'd like to try to change your attitude about it.

Here's a Valentine that might help.  It's a love letter to you from God. Every line is a verse from the bible about how much God loves you.  If it encourages you, maybe you could also share with others,  letting them know about the ultimate love of God.  It's a never-ending, never-stopping, unbreakable, always and forever love of God.

You may have heard these words on our station recently. We love playing Tenth Avenue North's song, Times in the background while reciting these scriptures. 



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2/14/2013 9:45:13 AM
Anwar Hyde United States
Anwar Hyde
To realize our worth in Christ is to know we are priceless and Love passionately(Agape). Regardless to the things we face on a day to day bases. We are His and He does not make mistakes. If we just block out the nosie of the day we will hear and see the love of God.
2/14/2013 10:22:08 AM
Kathryn United States
This version of Tenth Avenue North's song has deeply moved me and I cannot stop listening to it. I cannot put into words the meaning that it has for me at this moment in my life. Would you consider working with Tenth Avenue North to release this version so it will be available for purchase?
2/14/2013 10:22:40 AM
Dawn Fleming United States
Dawn Fleming
Is there any way we could get the Song Times with the poem in it?  I cried so much with love in my heart from that song and poem!  It just made me realize that God is with us everyday and always and how much he truly loves us! What a wonderful reminder on how much he loves us!
2/14/2013 10:46:28 AM
Irene Famiglietti United States
Irene Famiglietti
Thanks for posting Amanda!  Smile
2/14/2013 10:54:21 AM
Sylvia Koelsch United States
Sylvia Koelsch
If ever I needed to hear this, it's today.  So much in my life is falling apart, but this reminds me that I am loved!  All my tears are going to be taken care of.  Even when I don't know it or feel it.  I am healing Thank you My Lord and Savior.
2/14/2013 10:57:00 AM
Don Denmark United States
Don Denmark
This is a great song, Amanda! Thanks for working this up for all of us K-Love listeners.

Question: Can you please tell me who does the narrating / God voice on this song? I recognize his voice. He does a lot of the station's liners. Not only for K-Love, but other radio & TV stations as well.

God bless...keep up the good work!

2/14/2013 11:02:57 AM
Cristi Ryan United States
Cristi Ryan
How can I purchase this version of this song?  My 23 year old niece died last Monday from a brain aneurysm after delivering her baby.  We want to use it in her Celebration of Life service.  
2/14/2013 11:08:45 AM
Ana Young United States
Ana Young
How precious is God's love for all of us!!! Nothing absolutely nothing can separate us from from that love.
2/14/2013 11:09:06 AM
Todd Taylor United States
Todd Taylor
Amanda,today is my birthday so I took day off work to do some stuff around the house.I was in my truck in the drive when I heard the song "Time" with the poem....It was like God was speaking to me...so thankyou so much,but my step daughter is been asking about the Bible and how to be saved,,and I have been doing my best,Is there any way I can play her this song with the poem included?
2/14/2013 11:34:54 AM
Erika Magana United States
Erika Magana
Thank you so much for this! It is exactly what I needed to hear and read right now. I have been going through a rough time and I walked away from God for a little while. Of course without Him my life turned to shambles, but as soon as I hit my knees and begged for his forgiveness He was there with open arms. He has supplied me with everything that I need at just the perfect time. When I start to stress out or get down on myself He will do something like this and remind me of His everlasting love for me. Thank you Lord for loving me when I know I don't deserve it. Thank you Klove for all that you do and keeping me positive throughout the day!
2/14/2013 11:37:43 AM
Kim United States
Thank you!!!!!! I love this and needed this confirmation today! The best valentine letter EVER!
2/14/2013 12:29:58 PM
Melodie Chasteen United States
Melodie Chasteen
Is there a youtube video, perhaps, with the song playing just as it does on your station that we can share?  I have MANY friends that I would love to share this song with, who aren't Christians, but am hoping this song might provide them comfort today, and possibly lead them to change their hearts if only they'd listen. Smile
2/14/2013 2:09:10 PM
Louise United States
My Child together with the song Times was such a blessing & beautiful.  Thank you!!
2/14/2013 2:21:43 PM
Ben Cowling United States
Ben Cowling
I bursted into tears over this song when i heard it the other day. God is amazing. Struggling with some sins in my life and feeling very guilty about them has hendered my relationship with Christ some times because i dont feel like a perfect christian. but this song shows how unmeasureable his love is for ME ! Thank you Lord for this amazing song and the people at Klove. Glory be to God !
2/14/2013 4:18:53 PM
Kelly Ponchak United States
Kelly Ponchak
Thank you for this beautiful song!!!  I am extremely grateful because we all need to hear this during the good and bad times.  It brought tears to my eyes and I am in a relationship.  I have felt this way before, lost, alone, sad, depressed, missing someone, and much more but I knew the Lord was walking every step of the way with me.  He is so good to me and I would love to know how to get a copy of this song because it is so awesome.  Thanks again for such an awesome song.  
2/14/2013 5:43:26 PM
jerry United States
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
2/14/2013 6:13:35 PM
Sam Harbers United States
Sam Harbers
What a powerful song of truth. Thanks Amanda for the air play of this production. The World needs to hear this song/words and meditate on it. May God Bless you for this Love Note from GOD
2/14/2013 6:15:11 PM
Sam Harbers United States
Sam Harbers
Is this available on CD?
2/14/2013 6:46:33 PM
Jason Murguz United States
Jason Murguz
I want to start out by saying that I really needed to hear this today.  I have a fantastic family, loving wife and beautiful son.  I am in school to be a Pastoral Counselor, and am just now at 33 really starting to put off the old man and put the new man I am in Christ, but I struggle with guilt and feelings of being unloved by God despite these blessings.  Today I heard the this song with the letter and it was God telling me how he really feels about not just me but about everyone.  Truly an awesome and eyeopening experience.  Thank you so much for making this available today.  

Jason Murguz
2/14/2013 7:39:25 PM
Pam Dorman United States
Pam Dorman
Perfect time for this song.My mother-in-law has been on life support since Monday. Today Feb.14 she woke up. Time is unsure,for her to hear this help her. God Bless.
2/15/2013 12:46:43 AM
Nicole Robinson United States
Nicole Robinson
words cant describe how this song/poem/word of God has touched my heart and blessed my spirit....Thank you so very much for sharing this..... It speaks directly to me and I feel as though the words flowed straight from God;s very mouth to my heart.... I have been so lost and felt as if God was not with me anymore because I have made so many mistakes but, these words these lyrics have awaken in me God's unconditional love for me, that has always been there, but masked by the deceit of the enemy and I am so grateful
2/15/2013 5:43:04 AM
Marlon Rincon Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Marlon Rincon
Uff.. What a Beautiful Mix.. A treasure.. Thank You so much for sharing this..! Blessings for all of you guys at K-love..! It´s Marlon.. From Barquisimeto-Venezuela.
2/15/2013 5:47:33 AM
Carla Nelson United States
Carla Nelson
So amazing, the Fathers love for us, My Papa God. My reason for living. So good to Trust Him, So good to hear His word and know it is hidden in my heart.

     Thank you for this love letter from my Papa, KLOVE is such a blessing to us!

2/15/2013 6:40:11 AM
Kari Janusz United States
Kari Janusz
Just wondering if there is a place that I can find to download Times Valentine's Day Version onto my ipod.  Really want to use it in ministry.....awesome rendition of this song.  Love!
2/15/2013 7:19:03 AM
Anna Hyrne United States
Anna Hyrne
I love this song, I wish you would let us download or buy it!!  It is so perfect. Just makes you feel God's love Smile

2/15/2013 7:44:07 AM
ethel United States
Thank you for sharing the love letter.
2/15/2013 9:28:03 AM
Judy Gomez United States
Judy Gomez
Good Morning Amanda,
I love listening to you in the mornings on K-LOVE.  Your voice, your words, your thoughts are always so encouraging!!
I would like to find out if there is a way to get the Times (Valentine's Day Version)of Tenth Avenue North's song.  It's so beautiful and would like to pass it on to my losted loved ones. There is just so much comfort while hearing the Father's Love Letter while listening to the song ... it just brings peace to my heart.  I have children & grandchildren that need to hear it.
K-Love blesses my heart daily.
I am a friend on FB with you... loved seeing the pictures of your kids during the Christmas holidays.  You are very Blessed and they are too are so Blessed to have you as their mom. Thank you Amanda!  Judy
2/17/2013 9:58:39 AM
Connie United States
Amanda, Thanks for sharing this, I needed it. Ive never heard of this "Love Note from God".
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