Mar 27 2013

The Game of a Lifetime

If you can remember back to middle school (if you dare) you might remember being teased because you were different.

If so, you might be encouraged by this story about a girls' middle school basketball coach that believes in helping girls act in a more supporting way.

She believes everyone deserves a shot. Even Abigail Kidd from Knoxville, Tennesee who has down syndrome. She may not be the best player on the team, but the coach still put in her in the game.  The first time, she got the ball, she walked with it, the ref didn’t blow this whistle, the opposing team didn’t guard her. She shot and missed, 5 times in a row. But, the 6th time it went in. Not just one side of the bleachers cheered, everyone cheered.

But, that wasn't even the best moment. The moment that got me was when she scored, a girl on the opposing team celebrated and gave Abigail a hug.

I can only hope that my children would be that loving and accepting of differences some day too.

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