Apr 17 2013

You are more beautiful than you think.

You are not just more beautiful than you think, you are more loved than you think.

Imagine if you had to describe the way you look to someone who couldn’t see you.

If it were me I’d probably say, my most prominent feature would be my nose, a long face, and my hair is kind of frizzy.

Now imagine how someone else, a friend, significant other, might describe you.

They might think you are more beautiful than you made yourself out to be.

I’ve never seen anything like this.  But, that exercise was done with women for a commercial and the difference between what they saw when they looked in the mirror - compared to what others see - was shocking.

Just warning you, I saw it last night and broke down.

I also thought how much more beautiful the picture that God would paint of you and I.  We see all our faults, and He sees us as his beautiful creation.

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4/17/2013 9:19:05 AM
Karl United States
Thank you Amanda, for sharing that beautiful video.  It is interesting to think that, while it is good to be humble, it can also not necessarily be a good thing all the time.  God has created each and everyone of us and sees us the most beautiful thing he has ever created.  We can't forget that when we look in the mirror each day.

Thank you again!
4/17/2013 9:19:23 AM
Marianne Mancuso United States
Marianne Mancuso
Hi Amanda! Like you I broke down when I watched this videa. We are so critical of ourselves and need to stop! We need to remember what God sees and how He loves us so much! Our hearts would break of one of our children criticized themselves in this way. Thanks for sharing!!
4/17/2013 9:20:54 AM
APRIL United States
WOW !!!!
That was beautiful.  I, too, cried.
Thank you Amanda for sharing that.  We, esp. women, are so hard on ourselves.  I try to tell my kids that God made them beautiful just the way they are.  I need to take a dose of my own medicine.  
4/17/2013 9:35:36 AM
Julie Babb United States
Julie Babb
WOW!!!!  this is powerful. I have tears flowing uncontrollably.  It just reminded me that the way the other women saw each other is the way Jesus/God see's us.  He created us so fearfully and wonderfully made.  Thank you for sharing and reminding us who we really are in Christ "PURE BEAUTY and LOVE"  this is why he died for us.
4/17/2013 9:56:45 AM
Judy United States
Wow, that does make me think about how I see myself and how others see me. That's really beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
4/17/2013 10:04:35 AM
Rachel S. United States
Rachel S.
I wanted to post this video on FB and Twitter and as I went to do so, another article regarding this viedo caught my eye.. I read it, and although the article may sound angry and synical, which I am not trying to be, I do think the points made in it are worth consideration. We shouldn't be hoping that others see us as more beautiful, as defined by media's standards. we should be finding that God sees us as beautiful NO MATTER what our outward appearance is.. soo, I guess I just want to remind us to be measuring EVERYTHING, even what seems good, against the bible's standards. This is NO way should take away from the message that you ARE moe beautiful than you think. That is true.

Here's the article link if you care to read it.

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