May 01 2013

Lunch Box Etiquette

The pressure to eat well and to be healthy… is intense. If you want to go through the drive thru, you almost have to hide it.

Especially if you have kids in school, where all the focus on reducing childhood obesity. I get it, the effort is good, but It makes moms do crazy things!

Take this morning for example. My daughter, Emily, asked for a hot dog in her lunch box. No problem. But then I started to think about what her teachers will think of me - sending that hot dog.

I wanted to write a note or attach the label with it saying:

“This is a gluten free, turkey hot dog. There are no nitrates. It's made from free range organic turkeys with no antibiotics. It's produced in a cruelty-free factory where there is no testing on animals." - Wait that ‘s the label on my lipstick.

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