May 07 2013

The Life of a Single Mom

Mother's day is a wonderful day, but it's a tough day for many women. Those waiting for children, those who have lost their mother recently, and those near and dear to my heart - single mom's.

Today is National Life of a Single Mom Ministry Day. It's an organization started by, Jennifer Maggio. Here is why.  

She writes:

There are approximately 15 million single mothers in the United States today. 50% of all marriages fail. More than 50% of all babies are born outside marriage today. Single parent homes are the fastest-growing sector of our population.

And while we know there are some amazing single parents out there, unfortunately, some single parent homes can face difficult obstacles:

8% of our current prison population was raised by a single mom. 1 in 3 single moms lives below the poverty line. Children of single parents are 5x more likely to commit suicide. They are also 10x more likely to drop out of high school. Single parents are more likely to raise new single parents. 67% of all single parents do not actively attend a local church.

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries is on a mission to change all that! Tuesday, May 7, 2013 is The Second Annual National TLSM Day. It is our conscious, concentrated, collective effort to raise awareness and support around the globe of the plight of the single parent via Social Media Shares and financial support. We want everyone to know what single parents experience - whether it be emotional, parental, financial, or spiritual. More importantly, what can we all do about it?

If single parents can connect to a local support group, they are more likely to achieve parenting and financial successes, as well as create a balanced home environment for their children. TLSM has helped to launch more than 1200 single moms support groups in churches across 19 countries, but the work is not done.

If you would more information or to start a Single Mom's Ministry contact

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