May 13 2013

Meeting a Hero

If you had the chance to meet a hero in your life, just sit down and have a cup of coffee with them, one on one - I wonder what you would ask?

You'll get to hear that exchange tomorrow in person as Amy Grant is my special guest tomorrow.

She is one of my heroes because of her comeback.  She was judged very harshly by Christian people after her divorce. But she didn't turn her back on them - or God. She still serves God, and wants to write songs that change people's lives. Even if they are judgmental of her own life.

I remember, working part time in Christian Radio 3 years ago in Washington D.C. when my husband at the time left. I didn't tell anyone for 6 months because I was so afraid that christian radio would do to me what they did to Amy Grant after her divorce. Judge me, without understanding the whole story. Some stations removed her from their playlist. I was afraid they would "Amy Grant" me and kick me out.

So many people feel that way about Christians, it breaks my heart. Unfortunately, a lot of people expect to be "kicked out" of God's kingdom because of the unfair judgement of some, like what happened (and still does) to people like Amy Grant.

I'm just so thankful that isn't the way God treats us.  When we mess up, he doesn't say, "that's it I'm done with you, you can't be with me." He says, "I forgive you, l love you, let's move on."

When I finally got the guts to say what was really going on in my home, they didn't kick me out or deem me unworthy of ministry, they embraced me and loved me through it. They followed the example of Jesus. They gave me grace, and they helped me find a full time position in radio so I could provide for my 3 children.  That's with you now, on K-LOVE.

He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who love him. -Psalm 103

Whew. I'm glad that's out. I feel better, I hope you do too.

Now the big question is WHAT TO WEAR?! There are lots of boy bands that come and visit the K-LOVE studios, but Amy Grant visiting totally raises the bar. I have to go shopping now!

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5/13/2013 10:52:56 AM
Tricia Dudley United States
Tricia Dudley
I really appreciate Amanda's blog today.  I re-gave my life to Christ after an Amy Grant concert in 1995 and I haven't been the same person since.  I was personally offended by all the attacks on Amy following her divorce. If people would've known the details, they wouldn't have judged her the way they did.  I've met Amy several times and she is so spirit filled, so humble and so genuine. She is very real.  So glad Amy has touched Amanda in her life struggles as well. We are never out of reach of God's love and mercy!
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