Jul 02 2013

Featured Cause: The Life of a Single Mom Ministry

The picture perfect life is attainable, it's just the contents of everyone's picture is different.

It took me a long time to realize that it was okay that my family didn't look like all the other families walking into church.  You see lots of moms, dads, and kids walking through those doors together, but my family was missing one of those, the Dad.  I keep thinking, I can't be the only one.

I'm obviously not the only single mom, but I am one of few in the church. The latest research says that only 1 out every 3 single moms are in church on Sunday.

I found as a single parent, that I suddenly didn't fit in at church. There was no small group for me. There were married groups, and singles without childcare, MOPS for stay at home moms, and women's bible studies that met during the day while I work, or at night - when I didn't have childcare. You feel like an outcast.

K-LOVE's New Featured Cause, The Life of a Single Mom Ministries is trying to change that - because they see a need. In America, 50% of marriages ending in divorce, 50% of babies are now born outside of marriage, yet less than 1% of churches have a single mom's support group.

Whether it was an unwanted divorce, or an unplanned pregnancy, it doesn't matter. A single mother still needs to feel accepted and loved by the church.

The Life of a Single Mom Ministries teaches and equips churches on how to minister to a single mom effectively. They offer a resource kit on single mom support groups, a free newsletter, consultations, training sessions, conferences, and event speakers. They provide single parents with resources for financial education, parental effectiveness, and overall emotional and spiritual health.

Personally, I wish I would have known about this group 3 years ago when I became a single mom, but I'm thankful I know about them now.

If you're a single mom, been a single mom, or have a heart for single mom's ministries at your church, check into supporting The Life of a Single Mom's Ministry.



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