Jul 16 2013

Prisoners of Hope

If you're the type of person that is waiting, planning for and expecting the worst case scenario in life, I have a change of perspective for you.  

Instead of being a prisoner of doubt, become a prisoner of hope.  

This is personal challenge for me. I am a prisoner of doubt, and I don't want to be captive anymore. I was hit with it this morning, after laying in bed awake praying through my worries, and I thought of this verse:

Come back to the place of safety,
all you prisoners of hope!
I promise this very day
that I will repay two blessings 
for each of your troubles. 
- Zechariah 9:12

I have been a prisoner to the worst case scenario. I have been living life expecting calamity, instead of expecting prosperity. I want to flip that around today and would love for you to come with me.  

Let's ask God to release us from the prison of doubt, and become prisoners of hope.  

A former pastor of mine would always explain hope as a "confident expectation of good things from God". It's not this wishy-washy expression of maybes, but instead a confident understanding that God will make good on his promises. Yeah, I want me some of that!  

I want to be released from fear of the unknown, anxiety over the what-if's, and sorrow from failures. I want to hold my head up high, anxiously expecting blessings around the corner for each of my troubles. Wow. Tears of joy are flowing down my face as I type this imagining all of my troubles in a big pile on the floor and then next to it - another pile twice as high of blessings. That's the one I want to focus on, and add to my friends.  

I'd love for you to pray this with me:  

Father God, release us from the prison of doubt! We run to You fortress, our place of safety, and become prisoners of HOPE. We no longer live in fear expecting the worst case scenario, instead we confidently expect good things, two blessings for each of our troubles, from you God. In Jesus name, Amen.   

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