Aug 01 2013

Wrapped Up

There's something about a long flight, when your trapped in an airplane for hours with perfect stranger, that makes you feel comfortable that sharing your life story.  

That's what happened Sunday when I flew my sunshines back home from their summer visitation with their Dad.  

By "coincidence" I sat by a mom doing a similar thing, except her story was the opposite. She was taking her daughter back to her father after her visitation. She served our country, but had to give up her parental rights during her deployment. Now it's a battle to get them back. She was angry, and I don't blame her. My heart breaks for her. 

While sitting on the last row of the plane by the bathroom with 4 kids between us, we held hands, and prayed together.  

I realized how often we can get so wrapped up in our problems, we forget there's always someone else dealing with even more. 

Maybe today you could give some grace to those around - you never know what they might be going through.

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