Aug 23 2013

Believer or Follower?

"Following Jesus versus being a believer in Him is revolutionary" -Tim Timmons 

Tim is a husband and father to 4 children.  He was diagnosed with incurable cancer a decade ago. That experience has obviously shaped his view on life. You can read about it HERE.

While doing some research on his music for the show today, I was struck by that quote and wondered, which am I?  Am I a believer in Jesus, or am I a follower of Jesus?  

You don't have to abandon your job and family to follow Jesus. I think it's a daily choice to think of others more than yourself. 

That's what his song, "Starts With Me" is about.  It's an invitation for you to move your relationship with God from believing that the stories in the Bible are true, and into following Him.  I believe it's a call to go into the homes of the broken, meet the needs of the poor and needy, and care for the widows and orphans. 

I get so wrapped up in having my kids in the right school, with the right friends, eating the right foods, and in the right activities that I am concerned we have become selfish as a family.  Instead of wondering are we helping the right people? If I can help my kids with all those things, maybe we could also help another who is not so fortunate.

Here's one way you can move from believer to follower:

How do you follow?  

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