Sep 05 2013

Tiger Mom

There's a new parenting term making the rounds.  I guess you'd call it the opposite of the overprotective, "Helicopter Parent".

Meet the Tiger Mom!

It's a mom who has her children enrolled in...

1 extra education class outside of school. Such as math, science, or art enrichment.

2 extra curricular activities like ballet, gymnastics, soccer, football, etc.

Apparently this is a bad thing.  I say, it's proper preparation for life.  We have a family motto:

"Work hard. Play hard. See needs. Meet them. Change the way the world sees God one life at a time."

I'm a Tiger Mom, hear me ROAR!

Seriously I wish I could switch places with my kids some days.  I daydreaming about while driving my mamavan around town about what it would be like to do cartwheels at gymnastics again, twirl at ballet, and run in the grass at soccer instead of watching from the sidelines.

Huh, I just might do it. Although the other Tiger Mom's will probably judge me!  Oh well!

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