Sep 11 2013

Prayer for Peace

I almost forgot.

Maybe this has happened to you too, you forget a very important date. 

This morning was very busy.  I was rushing to get my 3 kids out the door remembering the picture day form was due!  So, I quickly deciphered the best deal from the seemingly endless list of packages, and pulled out my checkbook.  I thought, "what's the date?"  

Gasp. It's 9-11. My head sank into my hands, I can't believe I didn't remember.

But, then again I kind of want to forget.  I want to forget the day that shook us out of our safe bubble.  I want to forget the images I saw of buildings crashing down, and people jumping out of windows, and missing posters.  You can't forget.

I also want to remember.  I want to remember the love that we had for each other that followed.  I want to remember getting to know my neighbors again, I want to remember my friend calling me, and asking if she could go to church with me that following Sunday. 

If you're remembering too much chaos today and it's weighing on you too, try this prayer: 

Father, today I pray for peace. On a day that was meant for evil, we reclaim it as a day for peace. 

Bring peace into our home and into our relationships God. Replace our fear and anxiety with Your calming presence. Help us to be an example to everyone we come into contact today of Your peace. 

Your word declares that You are a God NOT of disorder, but of PEACE! (1 Cor. 14:33)

For You are not an angry God who is counting up all our mistakes ready to judge us harshly, but you are at peace with us because Your son already paid the price for our mistakes. If you are at peace with us God, help us to be at peace with each other. -In Jesus name, Amen.

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