Sep 12 2013


I hope you will be just as inspired by Seth Meyer's story today too.  I was in tears after talking to him on the phone.  He listens to K-LOVE in Newcastle, Indiana and called to share his story of how God conquered the death of their dream.  

How has God provided for you, in a way you did not expect?

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9/13/2013 11:13:22 AM
Suzanne United States
God has unexpectedly blessed me by removing a heavy financial burden. He's shinning his glory on me to bring me back to Him.
9/13/2013 11:50:53 AM
Beth Willis United States
Beth Willis
We moved to Florida this summer. It was hard to leave my grandparents who raised me in Mississippi but my husband had gotten promoted and throughout his interview process, I prayed that God handle the whole thing. We moved in the middle of June. We are renting a house and there was a single woman who lived here prior to us. There were 2 nails in the walls that were too high for her to remove and repair without a ladder. I told her we would take care of it.
July 23rd, my grandparents were killed in a car wreck.  The day of the funeral, my cousin had made arrangements for the graves to be opened. There was a misunderstanding about the cost since it was for 2 graves and not 1. He was short $32 cash to pay for it. I never have cash and we were probably 30 plus miles from any ATM. My in-laws had brought a card to the service from one of their co-workers who I have never met. There was $30 in it. My husband had $2 in his wallet. Two arrangements were sent to the funeral on large iron crosses. Remember those 2 nails on my 16' walls? Yep, they were waiting on those crosses. Since then, there have been so many different things that have reminded that even in this situation, God was in control. Every need has been met before we knew it was there.
9/13/2013 1:27:42 PM
Emily United States
I was laid off from my job last November. I've lost count of how many interviews I've been on since March 2013. Last Sunday I claimed my last unemployment check. I couldn't help feeling very anxious and worried; I live alone and depend on God for every provision. My unemployment benefits were extended after the first six months, and I understood that once they were exhausted, nothing else could be done. I received a letter from the Dept of Labor last week, which stated that my benefits will be extended until Nov. 13. I'm thankful for God's faithfulness and provisions.
9/13/2013 6:49:15 PM
Trina Meyering United States
Trina Meyering
My husband is out of work and God sent us some extra money today that we weren't sure we were going to get!  We are so thankful!  He ALWAYS provides!
9/13/2013 8:21:10 PM
Samuel Kim United States
Samuel Kim
I'm not entirely sure if this is entirely related, but I would say that one way that God has provided for me was when I forgot to set my alarm for waking up early to prepare for morning college courses. My roommate, who was going to sleep in, took the time to wake me up 30 minutes before my 8am class, which was barely enough time for me to get prepared, but I'm thankful that happened.
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