Oct 02 2013

Giving to K-LOVE

Wonder if giving to K-LOVE Radio really makes a difference?

"As I was sitting in my car I was thinking about ending it all when I got home from work. Then I turned on K-LOVE and the song "The Motions" from Matthew West came on. I wait in my car listening to the whole song crying to God PLEASE HELP. That Sunday, I went to church and renewed my commitment to the Lord. K-LOVE saved my life that day."

-Anonymous from Sioux City, IA

"Getting ready to go through a separation - heard the Lady talk about her hearing "The Motions" after hearing her, she called her husband to ask to work it out!" -Kate from Chicago, IL

God uses YOU to save lives and marriages! 800-525-5683 or www.klove.com

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10/2/2013 1:18:53 PM
Brian Gwynne United States
Brian Gwynne
Your heart for hurting women is abundantly apparent.  I’ve been listening to the pledge drive with a willing heart but with a bank account in the negative.  It hurts that I can’t give to K-Love whose ministry is so obviously successful in it’s mission… at this time.  I might be able to give a one-time offering soon.
The story of Matthew whose wife is Angela and Kate in Chicago going through rough times in their marriages broke my heart... and your choked up description of your phone call with Kate on air left me in tears while I was driving from a temporary maintenance job to my regular job.  It’s not easy driving like that but during this pledge drive I’ve been left in tears from your stories about how K-Love has touched, and even saved lives, on more than one occasion so I’m sort of getting used to it.

My wife and I have been struggling for several years now, because of finances and circumstances beyond our control. It’s been a rough ride for sure and I am so thankful for her faithful heart.  She is such a wonderful woman.

Remembering my former life, I would have been lost without her.  I was saved later in life but she, the daughter of an amazing Pastor and his Godly wife, was saved as a child.  She grew up knowing the love of Christ in her life daily.  She has taught me so much over the years about the heart of Jesus and I am so grateful to have been blessed to have such an amazing woman agree to be my wife.  I owe her so much.  She has made me a better man, truly.  

So to all those out there struggling with their marriages, please know Christ is your answer.  He will show you the way to maintain a working marriage and thrive in His abundant love.  Just do the hard work you need to do to find Him and seek Him every day through prayer, the Bible, caring, understanding fellow Christians and ministers… and keep on listening to K-Love.  There’s not much else on the radio worth listening to these days.  It will bless you as it has blessed me, my wife and 2 wonderful children for years and it will help keep you on track.

That’s part of the ministry of K-Love.  To keep us going to run the race and not grow so weary that we give up.  K-Love keeps me going.
Please keep telling those amazing God stories and know this, Amanda, that it was your beautiful soft heart that reached me on this particularly rough today.  I am praying for you right now to be held by God and given whatever strength you need to just keep going no matter what.  You are making a real difference.  Thank you.
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