Oct 18 2013

Proper Motivation for Real Change

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you understand you have to have the right attitude to be successful.

You set yourself up if you lose it to get in a swimsuit for a vacation, or worse you lose it for another person. There has to be a deeper motivation if you want permanent change.

For example, Ruben Studdard, former American Idol winner, has the right attitude for his weight loss goals. He’s on the new cast of the Biggest Loser. He’s the heaviest competitor on the show at 462 pounds, and his attitude makes the show so fun.

If he wins, he could be the first person to win two reality show competitions. I'm rooting for him. He has such a confidence about him -- I think he has a shot. Plus, he has the right attitude.

He said, "The biggest takeaway I want from this experience is just how to be a better me."

After I became a single mom, I worked hard at losing weight. I thought it would bring him back. It didn't work that way, but it brought ME back. Once I understood that it made me feel better about myself, then I was able to keep it off, and feel confident. My motivation is to be a good example for my children, and to be a better me.

If you truly want change in your life, whether it's losing weight, stopping a bad habit, or experiencing a deeper relationship with God, you have to go deep. Find a good reason WHY, and change will stick.

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