Oct 23 2013

Prayer to Feel Worthy

Father, help us feel worthy of Your love, instead of so desperate to earn Your forgiveness. Help us to realize that we "don't have to do anything to earn grace, it arises when we surrender." (Daily Word Magazine )

Oh God, I surrender! I open up my life to Your guidance. I choose to follow you. I choose to eliminate criticism of myself and feel worthy of Your love and Your calling upon my life. -In Jesus name, Amen

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10/23/2013 11:02:37 AM
Mevis Coronel United States
Mevis Coronel
Praise God for He is worthy to be praise...He who knows our toughs and hearts,  I surrender to him all. God Bless you..i love this radio station..i made a promise to God. I was looking for a job because haven't had a job for over a year, so i told God when i applied for the Job that i have Faith he will give the job and once i have the job my first check will not be mines. I promise to God i was going to give half of my check to my local church and to Klove and I'm so grateful and happy that i was called today to start my new JOB tomorrow.....Praise God he knows our needs and when we are faithful to him He Blesses us
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