Oct 30 2013

Inspiring Acts of Bravery

You might remember the movie The King’s Speech about King George VI. overcoming his speech problems. There’s a modern day version of that happening ata school in England.

It's an inspiring act of bravery, that might even inspire you to overcome a fear. There's making a documentary of this 16 year old boy,Musharaf, who has an acute stammer, which means it's very difficult for him to speak well. It's how he's learning to overcome it and at the end has the guts to overcome his nervousness, and worry over what people will thing, and he gives a speech in front of his classmates. He ended with a smile. They were in tears.  ]

Reminds me of that famous quote about bravery: "It’s not the absence of fear, it's having fear, but doing it anyway."

Do you have someone in your life that has inspired you with an act of bravery? Would love for you to tell us about them...

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10/30/2013 10:34:09 AM
Debby Cowley United States
Debby Cowley
Mushy's video moved me to tears of joy in the middle of my day. What a beautiful witness to God's love in the hearts of humankind. So much love in this video - God's first and foremost, a Mother's, a friend's, a teacher's, and the love and support of fellow students.  So uplifting.  I pray everyone around Mushy be blessed by his triumph over struggles.
(I am British, but living in Connecticut and was listening to Klove)
10/30/2013 11:09:03 AM
aase hines United States
aase hines
Thank you for sharing what a great story , we do not hear enough heart stores. thank you Amanda
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