Nov 02 2013

30 Days of Thankful Prayers! Day 2: Grace

Father, thank you for Your Grace! Help us to accept this unmerited favor, and apply Your ability to do in us what we cannot do in our lives.

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11/3/2013 7:40:08 AM
Sheala Thomas United States
Sheala Thomas
Thank you Father,
Thank you for saving me when I felt that no one cared. When I felt like the world was better off without me, and when I could not bear the pain and heartache that this world was offering, you showed you grace, and brought me from that darkness. At my lowest point, you brought me a new life. My daughter. Finding out that I was pregnant gave me the reason I needed to live. You knew what I needed and by Grace, you saved me. I knew that I had a reason to live, and that I was a part of a bigger plan. You Love me and you showed me that I am not done here on earth, I have a bigger purpose not fulfilled. I love you and By Your Grace, I am healed.
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