Nov 03 2013

30 Days of Thankful Prayers! Day 3: You Carry Us

Father, thank you for being the One we can lay all our burdens on! Thank you for carrying them, so we can walk lightly. Oh help us trust you more... In Jesus name, Amen

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11/3/2013 7:49:08 AM
Sheala Thomas United States
Sheala Thomas
Dear Jesus,
Thank You so much for giving Your life so that we can be saved. Because of Your sacrifice, we have hope. We have Love that is so unconditional that we would never completely be able to wrap our minds around the magnitude of Your love for us. Thank you for knowing every last part of us to the smallest cell in our body. You know what we need before we can even ask for help. You are all knowing. You know every tear we cry, every thing that makes us happy, and you carry us through it all. Thank you for everything. Thank you for loving me.
11/4/2013 7:55:16 AM
Tiana Marquez United States
Tiana Marquez
I am taking this challenge to not request anything from God but that my prayers be filled with thanks!
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