Nov 12 2013

Not So Helpless

Helpless.  Maybe you felt that way too as you heard, read, or watched news about the Super Typhoon that hit the Philippines. 

The UN says they need over $300 million to help feed and shelter those left after the storm.  I admit to you, I didn’t think I could help. It just feels impossible to fix this. 

Then I thought about this little boy, who was in a hungry crowd of people once.  He was there to see Jesus speak. The crowd wanted more, but it was time to break for lunch.  Instead of stopping the ministry, the disciples asked people to donate their food.  

There was one little boy who was willing to give his lunch. He had brought 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. It doesn't say this in the bible, but I imagine there had to be other people in that crowd that had snacks in their pockets. I'm a mom of 3, I never go anywhere without at least a bottle of water and granola bars. Maybe he was the only one that was willing to give.

As the story goes, "Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward heaven, and asked God's blessing..." Mark 6:41  God multiplied it. The little boy's lunch fed over 5,000 people that day. 

I wonder what God could do with what we’re willing to give, if we asked Him to bless it, and multiply it.

If you would like to help relief efforts, click here to give through World Vision.

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