Dec 10 2013

Prayer for Peace

Father, I want to feel more at PEACE... 

God, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and we sing christmas songs all about peace on earth, remind us what the PEACE that you bring is all about.  it's not the kind that keeps us all from fighting with each other, it's the kind of PEACE that we cry out to You for.  You are at PEACE with us. You are at PEACE with me. 

Father, help me remember every time I walk by a nativity scene with a little plastic baby Jesus in a manger that You are not counting up my sins because of Him.  You are not waiting to punish me every time I mess up because of Him, that You love me and bless me even in the midst of my mess, because of Him. That I get to spend eternity with You because of Him...

For your angels declared when he was born: "Glory to God in highest heaven, and PEACE on earth to those with whom God is pleased" -Luke 2:14

-In Jesus' name, Amen

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