Feb 12 2014

What's There?

If you’re focused on what is missing in your life, I hope to change the channel of your brain onto instead what you have.  

I saw this TV commercial during the Olympics and at first it looked like one those extreme sports ads for a sports drink, oh but it's so much more.  Can you catch the secret?

It’s not what’s missing in your life today that should define you.

Maybe you’re thinking, "oh I don’t have a valentine this year!" But what's there? Think of the people the family that you do have to celebrate with. 

To single moms: I have such a heart for single moms especially during holidays like Valentine's Day. Because I am one.  Oh dear one, I just want to encourage you that I get it.  Instead of focusing on the fact that we are missing a man as your head of household to shower you with flowers and chocolate focus on what's there.  Your strength, God's covering, your children, hugs, kisses, candy hearts, and most of all God's never ending unstoppable love.  It's enough.  It's more than enough.

So instead of what’s missing.  What’s there?

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