Mar 28 2014

Prayer of Thankfulness

"God thank you for making the trees, and my mom, and my sisters, and the whole entire world, and make everyone who is hurting better Jesus." -Andy (5)

As I listen to my 5 year old son pray this morning listing all the things He is thankful for, and asking You to help everyone, but him I am embarrassed at my own selfishness.

Lord, please give us the grateful heart of a child. I always seem to be asking for You to get me out of this problem, and save me from that one, and oh please bring me that thing I've been waiting for soon. 

Today, help us instead of praying for what we want and don't have, give us eyes to see what we do have... -In Jesus name, Amen. 


List 3 things you are thankful to God for... GO!

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