May 13 2014

Performing for God: Candace Cameron Bure on Dancing With the Stars

You never expect to hear something like this on a major television network, but then again, we're never supposed to say never! 

I could not believe my ears when I heard a conversation between  Bible Teacher and Author, Angela Thomas along with Candace Cameron Bure on Dancing With the Stars.  It was "icon" night.  Each contestant picked an icon and they got to sit down and receive encouragement from that icon.  It was so amazing to see two women of God talking about how much they love Him and want to serve Him on National Television.  I wanted to jump for joy.   

Yesterday, Angela herself called in to the show from her hotel room in LA to tell us about that conversation.  She was doubtful that any of the "Jesus" part would make it on the air.  But it did!  

She told Candace, there’s a scripture that says "In the presence of God is the fullness of joy.(Psalm 16:11) That's where you are showing up with every week. You stay in there."  

Candace then looked right into the camera and bold said "I should always remember that no matter how many people I’m perfroming for, I’m really preforming for an audience of one, and that’s for God."  

You can do that too you know. No matter what you are going through, no matter what pressures face you, today stay in the presence of God, that's where you will find joy.  Remember who you're performing for!  Even if it feels like no one is watching you or no one notices how hard you work, God does, and that's all that matters!


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