Jun 09 2014

Prayer: Summer of Love

Father, we declare this the SUMMER OF LOVE!  We are so eager to accept Your love, mercy, and grace for us, yet we are so slow to dish it out to others. This summer, Lord, help us to dish it out to others in huge doses, like a colossal scoop of the most delicious ice cream! 

We refuse to fall into the trap of making this a selfish summer, serving our own desires.  It's not about us! It's about You, Your love, and lavishing it on others. 

As we prepare to go to camps, vacations, or lounge by the pool, let us also prepare to LOVE others in Your name.  First, let us dish out colossal scoops of love on those close to us.  Next, Lord show us how we can get out of our comfort zone and love those that need it most, maybe even someone in our lives who we have rejected and refused to forgive.  -In Jesus' name, Amen.

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