Nov 25 2013

Some Monday Morning Highlights! Turkey Talk, "Even If", and Thanksgiving Dinner Calories

Talkin' turkey


Even if the healing doesn't come.


How many calories will you actually consume during Thanksgiving dinner?

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Nov 20 2013

Wednesday Recap: 6 Year Old Cheeseburger, Awnry or Ornery, The Key To A Happy Marriage, and The Encouraging Story Of The Day

This pastor has had a cheeseburger on his desk for 6 years!


Is it awnry or ornery?


The wife holds the key to a happy marriage according to this study.


Encouraging Story of The Day!  The tumor is gone!

Nov 19 2013

Tuesday Morning Highlights

Craig has caved due to pressure!


Advice from a store clerk regarding shopping wants and needs.


What is this sound?!


Encouraging Story of The Day!

Nov 15 2013

Franklin Graham and Operation Christmas Child

Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, called us to share about Operation Christmas Child and how this wonderful ministry is making a difference!