Oct 28 2013

Monday Morning Recap!

An honest question


Tell Me Something Good (in ten seconds or less)


All can learn a certain skill, but some are gifted at it.


4 Words That Will Guarantee A Discount!



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Oct 24 2013

Thursday Highlights: Jacob's Phone Call, Will Knot, a Powerful Gift, and the Encouraging Story of the Day

Jacob's parents are divorcing. He called to hear the song Restore.


Met a guy named Will Knot!


The most powerful gift you can give.


Encouraging Story of The Day!



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Oct 21 2013

Today's Encouraging Story

Kate shares about giving her life to Christ.


Oct 18 2013

Recap for Friday: Noah the Movie, Craig's Cube of Questions, the Encouraging Story, and Some Great Advice

So what's the word on the movie Noah?  Bob Waliszewski of Focus On The Family's Plugged In Movie Review as an update!


Craig's Cube of Questions! If you could hear what someone is thinking for a day, who would you choose?


Encouraging Story of the Day


What's one piece of great advice you've received from a boss?

Matthew Becker "You would be amazed and what you can get accomplished when it does not matter who gets the credit" 

Gwen Pharis Hardin "Be willing to help when others need it (even if not asked). When a mistake is made, own it and then fix it."

Amy Lynch Hester "QTIP-Quit Taking It Personally"

Karen Sprinkle Watterson 1977, McDonalds, "got time to lean, got time to clean" and "if it hits the floor, it's out the door"

Phyllis Croy "Attack problems not people."

Stephanie Mayes "No one on this earth is better than you. And you aren't better than anyone else."

Debbie Penley "Never stop asking for a raise. Most people ask an average of 32 times before they actually receive it!"

Erin Bailey "No job is worth loss of sleep and sadness, go home and forget about this place till you have to come back! Your job is not your life!"

Shana VanZandt Carreon "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!"