Jul 06 2011

Nathaniel's Hope

I SO hope you got to hear my bestest girlfriend Marie Kuck on Wednesday morning!  

Nathaniel's Hope encourages families that have kids with special needs, and educates and equips the local church to reach out to these families.  If you want more information about Buddy Break (a VIP kids' respite program) click here or watch the video above.  To sign up your child for the National VIP Birthday Club, click here!

Here's a video from this year's Make 'm Smile, a festival celebrating kids with special needs...


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Jul 01 2011

Happy 4th!

Hey friends!!

You've taken a sliver of time out of your special 3-day weekend to just stop by our blog.  I'm touched. :)

We hope you have a great 4th of July weekend. Eric is at Creation in Pennsylvania this weekend. If you're heading there, find him and ask him to bust a move while you sing a Mandisa song.

I'm just sayin'.

Then play "Where in the world is Eric Allen" next week when he and his family show up at Spirit Song at King's Island in Cincinatti.

And, if I may put on my bossy, big sister hat for a moment, please PLEASE be safe this 4th of July!  Review these safetly tips before you start lighting fuses.  Okay?  Are you listening?!  Don't roll your eyes at me, young man!!  Wink

Oh, and as long as you're here at klove.com, please take a moment to honor God as well as America's birthday by visiting the wall of prayer.  Even a minute at the wall could be life-altering for someone serving our country.  Thanks for that...

Have a great weekend!  And if you're taking a road trip, take us along with you!  Check out this cool mapping gizmo that tells you how to find K-LOVE stations while you drive. 

Much love - and Happy Birthday America!!


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Jun 28 2011

Greatest Moments - KC's Baby

During our time here at K-LOVE, you have become a part of our families, and seen our families grow and change. Thank you so much for your prayers and your advice. Here are some of our most memorable experiences...

Over the years, A very special moment of the Lisa and Eric morning show over the last few years was the birth of Elianah, the child of Producer KC. Here were some of the more memorable moments:

The birth of Producer KC's daughter Elianah:

The communication plan with Lisa and Eric once the baby is born (KC to the baby in the womb: "Leave everything the way you found it"):


Parenting advice from France to Producer KC, as he awaited for the arrival of his daughter Elianah:


Lisa reporting from the hospital:


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Jun 08 2011

Wow, God - Nathaniel's Hope "Make 'm Smile"

Children with special needs and their families are so inspiring!  My friends Tim and Marie have created a way for you and I to reach out with the love of Christ to families with "VIP" kids.  They have some incredible ideas and resources.  To find out more about Nathaniel's Hope, click on the picture below.  This week would have been Nathaniel's 14th birthday.  He relocated to heaven 9 years ago.  Please pray for the Kucks today, and for their ministry to flourish...  blessings, Lisa

Nathaniel Timothy Kuck, “A Treasured Gift of God,” was born on June 6, 1997 prematurely with multiple birth anomalies including Duodenal Artesia and Craniosynestosis. He was said to have an undiagnosed syndrome. Surgeries, therapies, sickness, and hospital visits all became a normal part of his life.

After proving himself to be “a miracle boy,” beating the odds time and again by overcoming many physical obstacles and challenges on November 13, 2001 at an early age of 4½ years old, Nathaniel relocated to 777 Heavenly Lane. His purpose has been fulfilled, and he has now returned back home to his Creator. At his new home, he is no longer physically restricted, bound by surgeries, feeding tubes or braces, and he is now free to run on the streets of gold. 

Nathaniel taught us that to each life there is value and purpose. What may appear to be imperfect in the eyes of humans, really is perfect in the sight of God. He taught us about the meaning of “unconditional love,” perseverance, and he was a great showcase of God’s faithfulness. His captivating smile and the simple joy he brought to all who entered his world were God’s special gift and that is greatly missed. 

His memory will always be cherished and his little handprints and lessons he taught us will be imprinted on our hearts forever. We miss “little man’s” smile and his presence in our home, but the memory of his life propels us to fulfill God’s purposes after his death. 

Through his death, we hope to bring encouragement and life to others.

Marie and Tim Kuck (Nathaniel's mom and dad)