Jul 24 2011

The Trip to AFRICA!

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Jul 11 2011

The Trip to Rwanda

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Africa, I'm reflecting on some items that aren't a few of my favorite things...

As the sound of constant beeping approaches me, I look to see where it’s coming from. It’s getting louder…and louder…when suddenly; I realize it’s just an airport skycap driving past me. I wonder if he even hears that noise anymore, or if he’s numbed by the constant beeping.

Sometimes we get so used to the things around us, we don’t even notice them anymore. All of those little irritations that we somehow accept…and allow into our lives…have become part of who we are. Has the skycap driver completely tuned out the annoying warning sound his machine produces? Just like the poor guy sitting next to the escalator…with the recording of a woman in a nasal voice saying, “The escalator is about to end, watch your step.”

Speaking of which, do you know what’s it like to want to be somewhere else…really badly? I’m having one of those moments…right now. Airports are not my favorite places, but I endure them. Just like flying in a plane…I simply go into survivor mode. Just like everyone else…waiting for your zone to board…First Class, Gold members…Platinum…Plutonium…those with small children…and people acting like children…they all parade past you. The smug feeling eventually overtakes you too, sometimes…as your number is eventually called….and you walk past those other people, with lesser status. We’ve finally arrived? No, the journey has just begun.

As we all crowd onto this large tin can…like it, or not…we’re all on this voyage together.

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Jun 24 2011

Music I love

Check out one of my new favorite songs on K-LOVE right now...and let me know what you think!

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Jun 09 2011

The story of Will Norton

This is the story of Will Norton, an awesome guy with a heart for God, who unfortunately passed away in the midst of the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes. Check out his stories and videos on his Facebook page.

In the midst of this year's earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires; as well as whatever trial you may be experiencing, we at K-LOVE are here to pray for you. You can submit a prayer request online or give us a call at (800) 525-LOVE (5683).

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May 09 2011

Some of my favorites

Check out some of my favorite tunes on K-LOVE, including "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic, Kristian Stanfill's latest CD Mountains Move.

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Mar 18 2011


Friday is my favorite day. Yes...Friday. Now, now don't get me wrong...I love Saturdays and Sundays too...it's just that I always think the weekend is going to be longer! By the time Sunday rolls around, I realize just how short it really is. Even if it's a three day weekend...it's always too short. So, back to Friday, and the reason it's my favorite day of the week...(Wait for it...wait for it.)...it's the hope and anticipation of the weekend! On Friday, the whole weekend is ahead of us...just like the 80's song...Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend! Just think of all the projects we're gonna get done...yard work...church activities...all the chillin' and grillin'...all of the kickin' back!!! But, alas...it's really only just a couple days. I'm sorry...I didn't mean to burst your bubble. There's a quote that goes something like this; "A man spends his whole life fishing, never realizing it's not the fish he's after". For me, Friday represents the hope of tomorrow...but, at the same time...to be thankful for today. Too many times, we are so looking forward to something in the future...that we forget how to live in the present. If we start every day by asking God, "What do You have for me to do today?"...it might just be the start of something new, that you'd never before dreamed was possible.

If you've been waiting for your "ministry"...or "some day God is going to use me"...I can tell you, that He wants to use you today

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness." Hebrews 3:13

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." Hebrews 10:24


He's given you today...what are you going to do with it?!

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Mar 16 2011



Are you in a bracket? What’s it like in there? Do they let you out every now and then? I’m asking, because I have never participated in the Final Four. This isnt a conscious decision that I’ve made. I just never knew what I was doing.


Here's a short story you might find humorous...


A number of years ago, during march Madness…a friend of mine said he was going for the Wildcats. I thought that sounded good…a wildcat…yeah. It’s a mean, nasty animal, that most of the other creatures run away from…yeah, with a name like that, they’re bound to win. Okay…so I decided when someone asked me who I thought would win the Final Four…I’d just say, “Wildcats”. Simple, right? I’ll sound really smart…and they won’t realize that I have no idea what I’m talking about. My foolproof plan worked perfectly, UNTIL…that one smart aleck asked me, “Who ya got in the Final Four?”. I answered very flippantly…”Wildcats”…which sounded very informed…I was so proud of myself. I had arrived. I was a sports genius…a regular guy! “Just set the trophy on the mantle boys!”

But…he wasn’t happy with such a simple response. He had to know more…like…”which Wildcats?”. What?! More than one team has that name? No! I had no idea! Could that be right? Is that legal? Could the Wildcats play the Wildcats in the Final Four? Well…at least I’d know the Wildcats would come out on top! How do people find the time to keep track of all this stuff?!


So, go Wildcats! (Are they even in the tournament this year?)



P.S. Happy St Patricks Day! May all your brackets be green... 


Wildcats AZ.jpg (42.79 kb)

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Mar 16 2011


Yesterday was not Fat Tuesday.

Mardi Maigre! In French, it translates to "Skinny Tuesday." No bacon and eggs for breakfast, no hash browns, waffles, pancakes, pastries, toaster strudel, pop tarts…no chocolate frosted pork rinds…nope…nothing that tastes good anyway!

Have you ever noticed how little you eat, when the food isn’t good? Maybe we just need to surround ourselves with bland tasteless gruel.

Since we're talking about the meaning of words, let's examine the word, DIET.

Diet [dahy-it] noun, verb

1. The foods eaten, as by a particular person or group: The native diet consists of fish and fruit.
2. Food or feed habitually eaten or provided: The rabbits were fed a diet of carrots and lettuce.

In our western culture, we’ve added our own definition to the word…

Diet [dahy-it] noun, verb

3. Such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight: No pie for me, I'm on a diet.
4. To select or limit the food one eats to improve one's physical condition or to lose weight: I've dieted all month and lost only one pound.

Now THAT’S a little more recognizable definition!

We have Atkins, Webkins, South Beach, North Beach…low calorie, low carbohydrate, low class, high fiber, high protein, high anxiety, fat free, sugar free, flavor free …diets.

What makes it so hard to keep the extra weight from applying itself to our mid-sections and other body regions? Maybe part of it, is that we dwell in a culture centered around food. When was the last time you invited some friends over for water?

“Lisa, you serve the best water around! What’s your secret?”
“Well Rachel, it’s the way you pour it. It’s all in the wrist!”
“You’ll have to teach us your technique…we’re having the Johnsons over on Friday, and you know how they love their water!”

Face it…food is a great excuse to get together with others. When the topic of conversation dries up…we can always eat. Even when we have someone over for coffee…we still serve food. When we go to a restaurant, we’re even served food WHILE WAITING FOR OUR FOOD TO ARRIVE! (Why am I yelling in my head?!) Anyway...It’s everywhere. We’re surrounded!

Is it time to hold up that little white flag, and surrender?

In 1st Corinthians 10, it says…”Everything is permissible…but not everything is beneficial”

So…what do we do with verses like that? Is it a free-for-all? All the chocolate, all the pork fat, all the deep fried chicken?………All the DEEP FRIED CHOCOLATE COVERED, PORK FAT FILLED FINGER LICKIN' CHICKEN CLUSTERS?! (Sorry, I'm yelling again!)  Maybe it's because I'm hungry? Well, alright…so that means we can eat anything we want…until we burst?  Really?!!!

I think the key here is “not everything is beneficial”. God has given us a free will. He has not given us a spirit of fear…but of power and love, and SELF discipline. Self?! Oh yeah, THAT guy! I know him all too well. Maybe I need a little help…maybe I need to seek God in ALL things…and in all ways acknowledge HIM…and let HIM make my paths straight! (Proverbs 3:6)

Maybe, just maybe…that path will lead me past the fridge…and back to the gym… 

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Mar 14 2011


It was Sunday Morning. The alarm was just out of my reach. I do this so I won't just smack it, and go back to sleep. My wife says, "Honey...your alarm has been going off for the last 5 minutes."  I emit some sound back to her, probably not unlike a bear just awakening from hibernation. After a few grunts and groans, I finally manage to formulate a sentence..."What time is it?". "7:30...remember the time change?", she says. Being so quick at the comebacks, I add, "Oh yeah.". Putting two words together, can be a challenge at that time of the morning. "Don't forget, you're playing guitar this morning.", she adds. At this point, I'm thinking about ways that I can streamline the morning's activities...to catch just a couple more winks. Maybe I can go without breakfast...or not take a shower...NO, since I'm going to be around people, the latter wouldn't be a good option. So, I drag myself out of bed, and get on with my day.

Now, you'd think by Tuesday I'd be adjusted to the change in time. Nope. My brain said, "It's time to spring forward!"...my body said, "It's time to fall back...into bed!". I don't know about you, but that one hour difference in time really messes with my body clock. Now, on the other hand...it takes me no time, getting used to the extra hour in the Fall. If only we didn't have to give it back in the Spring! 

All of this has made me think about routines that we have. We tend to be so busy...being busy. While some routines are good...I think that they can also be confining. If our lives are so structured, how can we make room for something new that God has for us? This time change, I'm going to take time for change. To take time to listen to The Holy Spirit more, and to be open to those things that God wants to change in my life. 


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Dec 14 2009

Tour days continue...

Need a cup of coffee for the early morning!

Wake up! The bus needs to go in for servicing!" Heath greeted us this morning in the aforementioned manner, as we all rolled out of our bunks onto the floor...still not really sure of where we were...or what time it was! 8:30?! It seemed like we'd just fallen asleep a couple hours ago...that's because it WAS A COUPLE HOURS AGO! I tell you...there's nothing lovelier than a busload of bleary-eyed musicians and radio people after 4 or 5 hours of sleep!

Tim guiatrist for tobyMac goes fishing on his day off
As I reached for the door, I saw cars whizzing by, amongst the tall buildings of a vibrant downtown backdrop. "Be careful opening that door!" said Rick, our friendly busdriver...as I took a look through the sideview mirror. "Where are we?" I mumbled. "You're in downtown Portland." he said, smiling. "I'd be careful getting your stuff". I nodded, as I waited for a break in the traffic. Oh the glamor of show-biz!

After dropping off our luggage at the Hotel, Toby headed right for nearby "Stumptown Coffee"...with our Promotions Manager, Chelsey close behind. I thought about it for a moment, as I felt the cold air of the great Northwest introducing itself to my thin California skin...reaching right through my flimsy leather jacket ..."Yeah, I think they have the right idea!".

Here we come Sacramento!
We can't wait to get back to Sacramento tomorrow night...where we know the hometown crowd won't disappoint us!






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