Mar 14 2011


It was Sunday Morning. The alarm was just out of my reach. I do this so I won't just smack it, and go back to sleep. My wife says, "Honey...your alarm has been going off for the last 5 minutes."  I emit some sound back to her, probably not unlike a bear just awakening from hibernation. After a few grunts and groans, I finally manage to formulate a sentence..."What time is it?". "7:30...remember the time change?", she says. Being so quick at the comebacks, I add, "Oh yeah.". Putting two words together, can be a challenge at that time of the morning. "Don't forget, you're playing guitar this morning.", she adds. At this point, I'm thinking about ways that I can streamline the morning's catch just a couple more winks. Maybe I can go without breakfast...or not take a shower...NO, since I'm going to be around people, the latter wouldn't be a good option. So, I drag myself out of bed, and get on with my day.

Now, you'd think by Tuesday I'd be adjusted to the change in time. Nope. My brain said, "It's time to spring forward!" body said, "It's time to fall back...into bed!". I don't know about you, but that one hour difference in time really messes with my body clock. Now, on the other takes me no time, getting used to the extra hour in the Fall. If only we didn't have to give it back in the Spring! 

All of this has made me think about routines that we have. We tend to be so busy...being busy. While some routines are good...I think that they can also be confining. If our lives are so structured, how can we make room for something new that God has for us? This time change, I'm going to take time for change. To take time to listen to The Holy Spirit more, and to be open to those things that God wants to change in my life. 


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Dec 14 2009

Tour days continue...

Need a cup of coffee for the early morning!

Wake up! The bus needs to go in for servicing!" Heath greeted us this morning in the aforementioned manner, as we all rolled out of our bunks onto the floor...still not really sure of where we were...or what time it was! 8:30?! It seemed like we'd just fallen asleep a couple hours ago...that's because it WAS A COUPLE HOURS AGO! I tell you...there's nothing lovelier than a busload of bleary-eyed musicians and radio people after 4 or 5 hours of sleep!

Tim guiatrist for tobyMac goes fishing on his day off
As I reached for the door, I saw cars whizzing by, amongst the tall buildings of a vibrant downtown backdrop. "Be careful opening that door!" said Rick, our friendly I took a look through the sideview mirror. "Where are we?" I mumbled. "You're in downtown Portland." he said, smiling. "I'd be careful getting your stuff". I nodded, as I waited for a break in the traffic. Oh the glamor of show-biz!

After dropping off our luggage at the Hotel, Toby headed right for nearby "Stumptown Coffee"...with our Promotions Manager, Chelsey close behind. I thought about it for a moment, as I felt the cold air of the great Northwest introducing itself to my thin California skin...reaching right through my flimsy leather jacket ..."Yeah, I think they have the right idea!".

Here we come Sacramento!
We can't wait to get back to Sacramento tomorrow night...where we know the hometown crowd won't disappoint us!






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Dec 10 2009

JD Chandler on tour with tobyMac!

JD grabs a coffee at Stumptown

As I carried my big, overstuffed laundry bag downstairs yesterday morning from my hotel room...I thought about how nice it was to sleep in a real bed for 2 luxurious nights! Riding from place to place on a tour bus, you lose all perspective on time and space. You go from a tour bus to an the show, and get back on the bus and head to the next venue. For example, as I took a couple days off from the tour, and flew to Portland, Oregon from Spokane, Washington...I couldn't remember what day of the week it was! I didn't know if it was Monday or Friday...or Sunday! Friday?'s a good thing I have my phone!

TobyMac rocks out
Alright, back to my I mix my shirts with my socks, and then my jeans by themselves? Setting? How do I know?! I wish my wife was here! Okay, I'll just dump them all into the washing machine together, and throw some soap in...I hope it works out. I turned it on and walked back to my room, almost like someone trying to avoid watching an accident about to happen. We still have stops in Salem, Sacramento, Fresno, Las Vegas, Ontario and clean clothes will be nice. After an hour, I returned to the washing machine and removed my clothes...they seemed okay. I put the coins in the slots, to start the dryer. As I slammed the coins in...I noticed the washing machine next to the dryer start up! I had put the coins in the WRONG MACHINE! Did I mention that I wished my wife was here?!

We love you Salem!
Other than being challenged in the domestic department, everything is going well...and the Salem show was amazing! Time to head back to the bus...5 more shows, and we're done!!!



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