Dec 10 2009

JD Chandler on tour with tobyMac!

JD grabs a coffee at Stumptown

As I carried my big, overstuffed laundry bag downstairs yesterday morning from my hotel room...I thought about how nice it was to sleep in a real bed for 2 luxurious nights! Riding from place to place on a tour bus, you lose all perspective on time and space. You go from a tour bus to an the show, and get back on the bus and head to the next venue. For example, as I took a couple days off from the tour, and flew to Portland, Oregon from Spokane, Washington...I couldn't remember what day of the week it was! I didn't know if it was Monday or Friday...or Sunday! Friday?'s a good thing I have my phone!

TobyMac rocks out
Alright, back to my I mix my shirts with my socks, and then my jeans by themselves? Setting? How do I know?! I wish my wife was here! Okay, I'll just dump them all into the washing machine together, and throw some soap in...I hope it works out. I turned it on and walked back to my room, almost like someone trying to avoid watching an accident about to happen. We still have stops in Salem, Sacramento, Fresno, Las Vegas, Ontario and clean clothes will be nice. After an hour, I returned to the washing machine and removed my clothes...they seemed okay. I put the coins in the slots, to start the dryer. As I slammed the coins in...I noticed the washing machine next to the dryer start up! I had put the coins in the WRONG MACHINE! Did I mention that I wished my wife was here?!

We love you Salem!
Other than being challenged in the domestic department, everything is going well...and the Salem show was amazing! Time to head back to the bus...5 more shows, and we're done!!!



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3/15/2011 8:17:34 AM
tammie drodddy aka nebraska bus lady United States
tammie drodddy aka nebraska bus lady
Hey JD  good to hear you on the radio,  spring ahead has kicked butt here.  don't like going to work in the dark.  Weather here is great.  low 60's today, 75 for tomorrow.   Saw first lightening last night.  storm season around the corner.   same job of driving the bus, different location.  Loving it!!!  God knew what he was doing when I was transfered.   a lot les stress, and have fridays off
3/15/2011 8:19:06 AM
Joan Bandy United States
Joan Bandy
Didn't know this was going  What a trip. So, you could probably leak out some cook Toby Mac stories I could wow my kids knowing.  Go know you want to...
3/16/2011 9:13:29 AM
John Mozdzien United States
John Mozdzien
Nutrisystem for men JD.... Works Great!!!!  Food is quite tasty i will add!
3/16/2011 10:01:48 AM
Carrie Pacheco United States
Carrie Pacheco
Hi  JD, I'm on the alli program and feel very well. I've lost 10lbs in 20 days. Yes,some minor side effects, ( frequent throne room occupation), usually within 15-25 min. of your meal. But for me, it's loose the weight or no knee replacement. I have severe arthritis in both knees and a bazillion allergies!!! This alli works !!! Check out their fb page for personal encouragement from all !!!
3/16/2011 12:40:33 PM
Marny B. United States
Marny B.
Hi JD.
Oh man.  Tough subject.
3 years ago, I had just had enough of feeling so uncomfortable being overweight. I made up my mind!
I went to Weight Watchers.  Fabulous program!  
I was focused..and in 1 year I lost 37 pounds.  Felt and looked great!  I REALLY THOUGHT I would never gain it back again..(which everyone, including my 'leader' at WW said could easily happen, if I stop going to meetings and staying accountable.) So, step by step...I believe with a combination of life: it's trials...and my denial that I was gaining some back..stopped going to meetings...pound by pound...I am ashamed to say...I have gained it ALL back!
I know I can do it again...but yet I haven't gone back. Ashamed to face them?......maybe.  Please lift a prayer for me.  Life is just so and work...etc.  I realize that is no excuse...and's a visious circle.  I do go because I'm fat I eat...which is the reason I'm fat.  Wow, re-reading this is an eye-opener.  I know and love my Lord.  He is my life. ( I have made MANY changes there too.) I'm praise Him and not just going through the motions of everything else.  I know Gods' got me and EVERYTHING that's happening in my life.  All praise, honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am His...and with His help. I will get through this just as He wants me to.
God Bless you JD and your journey. (I do recommend Weight Watchers. It really is a great program: just stay focused) God bless Klove too.
I listen all day at work..and donate monthly to keep the great up-lifting music playing.Thank You!
3/31/2011 5:43:31 PM
James Cherry United States
James Cherry
I love Rev. 22:1-5  Look it up and read this.  We also need to consider 1 Peter 1:3-11.

have a nice day,

James Cherry
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