Mar 14 2011


It was Sunday Morning. The alarm was just out of my reach. I do this so I won't just smack it, and go back to sleep. My wife says, "Honey...your alarm has been going off for the last 5 minutes."  I emit some sound back to her, probably not unlike a bear just awakening from hibernation. After a few grunts and groans, I finally manage to formulate a sentence..."What time is it?". "7:30...remember the time change?", she says. Being so quick at the comebacks, I add, "Oh yeah.". Putting two words together, can be a challenge at that time of the morning. "Don't forget, you're playing guitar this morning.", she adds. At this point, I'm thinking about ways that I can streamline the morning's catch just a couple more winks. Maybe I can go without breakfast...or not take a shower...NO, since I'm going to be around people, the latter wouldn't be a good option. So, I drag myself out of bed, and get on with my day.

Now, you'd think by Tuesday I'd be adjusted to the change in time. Nope. My brain said, "It's time to spring forward!" body said, "It's time to fall back...into bed!". I don't know about you, but that one hour difference in time really messes with my body clock. Now, on the other takes me no time, getting used to the extra hour in the Fall. If only we didn't have to give it back in the Spring! 

All of this has made me think about routines that we have. We tend to be so busy...being busy. While some routines are good...I think that they can also be confining. If our lives are so structured, how can we make room for something new that God has for us? This time change, I'm going to take time for change. To take time to listen to The Holy Spirit more, and to be open to those things that God wants to change in my life. 


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3/15/2011 8:13:09 AM
Darlene United States
Have a Blessed Day!
3/15/2011 8:13:20 AM
JayGreentree United States
I don't know about anyone else but daylight savings time is killing me.
3/15/2011 8:13:21 AM
erica United States
I agree. I still dont think ive adjusted to the time change.
3/15/2011 8:13:50 AM
Sarah Roberts United States
Sarah Roberts
I am with you JD. It takes me a week to catch up to the time change.
Thanks to Klove it makes the adjustment so much better!
3/15/2011 8:14:00 AM
Agustin Wall Mexico
Agustin Wall
Just keep it rolling. I can relate to you. Tks, for what you share with us. Peace. Dwall/ Agustin Wall.
3/15/2011 8:14:02 AM
Lisa Warren United States
Lisa Warren
Love the NEW blog JD!!!!!  Thanks for all you do to share the love of Christ.  Have a beautiful day!
3/15/2011 8:14:14 AM
Scott United States
I find the older I get the worse the lag gets.  I'm with you  man.  I'm still not adjusted.  There is one positive side to this that I realize the other night.  Technically you get to go to bed an hour earlier.  And with 6 kids, that's a blessing!

God bless!!
3/15/2011 8:14:25 AM
Sandra United States
Oh I hear ya JD!! It takes me forevvver to get use to the time change.
3/15/2011 8:14:40 AM
Michaelyne South United States
Michaelyne South
JD, believe me you will make it through this, the time change. This is a small thing in our lives compared to other things. LOL Listening to K-LOVE in itself is a huge blessing to me each day. If I cannot get the radio station for some reason then I am one unhappy camper.
Blessings to you today and everyday.
3/15/2011 8:14:44 AM
Angela United States
I feel like I am early everywhere I go for about a month after the time springs forward. Not to mention I feel sleep deprived.
3/15/2011 8:14:45 AM
Cali United States
Hi JD!! Looks like I'm the first!! Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one having a little bit of a hard time with this time change thing!! God is sooo faithful, I know He will help you and I get adjusted to it and use it for His glory!!!
3/15/2011 8:14:55 AM
Jill Cockburn United States
Jill Cockburn
I have never taken time to read anyone's blog before, so you are the first one!
I valued what you had to say. Routines are confining and then we aren't in tune to anything new the Lord has for us.  I am having a hard time with the time change also.  But I am going to take your approach and be on the lookout for God's surprises and lessons in life.
3/15/2011 8:15:05 AM
erica United States
oh the conversations you have with your spouse when they are trying to wake you from a deep sleep. My husband tells me all the time that I have said this or that, and I have no memory of it.
3/15/2011 8:15:09 AM
oh the conversations you have with your spouse when they are trying to wake you from a deep sleep. My husband tells me all the time that I have said this or that, and I have no memory of it.
3/15/2011 8:15:23 AM
Kelly United States
You sound like me! Smile I wanted to secretly pretend I forgot about the time change just so I could stay in bed!!! ;)
3/15/2011 8:15:30 AM
Cali United States
By the way LOVE the pic!!!
3/15/2011 8:15:39 AM
Ebonee Watson United States
Ebonee Watson
Heyyyyyyyy JD...... We love you!!!!=) and everybody else on K-luv.... Yeah JD has a Page...
3/15/2011 8:15:42 AM
Amber Clevenger United States
Amber Clevenger
Yeah i agree JD i had a hard time waking up sunday for church my alarm i use my moms phone and usually it sets its self i woke up the phone said 7:30 so i went back to bed for like 3 mins and woke up went to the living room and saw tht it was 8:35 i said i got to get ready i must say i love falling back but i can't stand springing forward. thanks for all you and klove do.
3/15/2011 8:16:20 AM
Roxi Blanchard United States
Roxi Blanchard
Hi JD! Smile This is Roxi (Rox) from Gonzales Louisiana.  I love love love K-Love! You all are great! I am blessed to be able to listen to K-Love at work on-line and get SATURATED WITH THE PRAISES AND THE WORD OF OUR GOD. Keep up the great work you do. : ) Ill be in touch!

3/15/2011 8:16:36 AM
Sharon United States
I agree, I too am tired from being busy, from being busy ! Let go, and let God "SPRING" us forth into a new thing, open our hearts to God things, and let go of our same old, same old,  routine.  I'm inspired ! Great first blog J.D. xoxoxo
3/15/2011 8:16:37 AM
Sharon Bartlett United States
Sharon Bartlett
JD I am with you!  It takes no time to Fall Back but weeks to Spring Forward!  Some would say it's our age but I say "Don't Mess with Father Time".
Thanks for helping us think of the things that we need to take time to change.  Especially when it comes to listening to the Holy Spirit and allowing God to change our hearts & minds for His Glory!
3/15/2011 8:16:49 AM
Joan Bandy United States
Joan Bandy
Last week I walked into my kitchen to pink sunrises and birds chirping.

This week, post time change, to aching eyes, dark, dreary, rainy days!  


I'm sure there is a greater good as summer goes on, but it sure it hard to get used to!

Congrats on your new blog!  Love my KLove...positive notes in a world where there is much to be down about.

Scripture God laid on my heart today:
"though the mountains me shaken and the hills be removed, yet my lovingkindness will NOT be shaken, not my promise of peace be removed."  Isaiah 54:10
3/15/2011 8:17:16 AM
Shannon Moloney United States
Shannon Moloney
I don't know, I just find it funny that as soon as you say you don't have any comments we all race (myself included) to be your first ever commenter. Smile

Anyway, I love Klove! I'm a homeschooled high schooler & I listen to it online while I'm doing school. We used to live in the burbs of the city, but when we moved a little over a year ago to the Upper Peninsula of MI we lost you guys Frown So glad for the internet streaming!
3/15/2011 8:17:26 AM
Stacy Denham United States
Stacy Denham
Ha My whole family is not used to the change yet.  My kids are constantly saying "well in normal time we would still be sleeping or in normal time we would still be playing.  It makes me laugh bc what is normal time to a 4 and a 10 year old.
But they thunk they know everything Smile  God Bless!
3/15/2011 8:17:27 AM
Shirley Ddamba Canada
Shirley Ddamba
I am literally going through the same thing. My body just cant wake up and at night i feel so tired like i have just spent more hours awake and less sleep. I totally understand you. Am trying to take energy smoothies each morning, i find that

Thanks for the inspiring quotes and words. May you always have favor before God and my blessings. You've helped me overcome feeling so alone despite the fact am far from home, in a foreign country alone. Thanks to Klove and all the DJs, i have been blessed and encouraged in my walk with Christ.

God Bless You
3/15/2011 8:17:43 AM
Monica Sheeon United States
Monica Sheeon
The time change always messes me up. I just wanna stay under cover anyway, I take my dog out at 6 am then crawl back in till 8, I work 9-3, this is my almost fulltime normal job and I used to get off at 1 so I had the afternoon to do chores. But now that gets attention on the weekend. I go to bed at the same time at night and fall asleep right away then wake up a few times a night thinking it is later than it is, when it's only midnight, then toss and turn for an hour to go back to sleep. I do this no matter the change or not. Well, I commented. Hey, I am from Portland Or originally, I notice you had coffee with Toby Mac. Cool. Later, from Colorado.
3/15/2011 8:18:05 AM
Amy United States
JD, you sound just like me when it comes to alarms, waking up, and yes, time changes. I have four alarms I set every night because I get nervous that I won't hear one or the other...and I always hear all four! The problems I have are that 1) I'm not a morning person. I've tried to be but it's useless. I was born into a family of night owls and for the life of me I can't be anything different, 2) I tend to push the "snooze" button 10 too many times! I'll get up, go to the bathroom, and then crawl back into bed, setting my alarms AGAIN to get 10 more minutes of sleep, and 3) I just love to SLEEP!
My word for the year is "obedience." I've been keeping my word with me everywhere I go and I ask God daily on how I can be more obedient. It never occured to me to be obedient in getting up in the mornings...early enough to spend time with Him. Now that's conviction! You said it in three sentences: "If our lives are so structured, how can we make room for something new that God has for us? This time change, I'm going to take time for change. To take time to listen to The Holy Spirit more, and to be open to those things that God wants to change in my life."

Thanks for the amazing reminder! I'm going to take time to listen to the Holy Spirit more and be open to the things God wants to change in my life...starting with my morning prayer time!

3/15/2011 8:18:06 AM
Kim United States
I agree with you JD. How many times are we willing to make time for the new car or house that God allows us to get but, when something will be taken away from us because we take it for granted. The time change has been hard on me also. I found sunday morning that i didn't want to get up and then i didnt even have my clocks set right. Then sunday afternoon I went to lay down for an hour and didnt even want to get up when my alarm went off. I am hoping that by losing this hour that i can get  more done and be able to spend more time with my God through the day. Great Post!!!!
3/15/2011 8:18:27 AM
Michele United States
Same with me, that hour just does me in. I was dragging on Sunday morning.  Usually I'm up early on Sunday mornings to have some time to myself, but not this past Sunday.  
3/15/2011 8:18:34 AM
Susan United States
Dealing with the time change is difficult for most anyone.  I have a child with special needs, this is most difficult. not only does the family have to adjust but we also have to assist her in adjusting.  It is still dark out in the morning as she arises for school at 6 am she has to leave at 7 and be there by 715 am. bed time is hard as well for my  10 year old son as it is still day light out, and he would prefer to be out playing baseball.  here in New England it is still cold, about 30 degrees so I am not much for wanting to be out throwing a ball around. Waiting for the warm weather longer hazy days of summer.
3/15/2011 8:18:49 AM
Catherine United States
I set my alarm clock forward an hour Saturday night, only to find out (after having hurriedly showered and dressed for church) that my alarm clock had set ITSELF forward an hour.  We ended up going out to breakfast since we were already up 2 hours early!  
3/15/2011 8:19:07 AM
JD I live in Arizona so I don't go through time change but I have been awake since 7 am yesterday morning and have been cleaning house and on fire for God this whole time.  I have been on the internet off and on since last night.  I am doing very well without sleep which is what I find weird.  I am sure you have heard of me on facebook cuz I am claiming God's word on facebook and waiting for others to make a stand with me.  I am not ashamed of his gospel or his name.  God is awesome and greatly to be praised.
3/15/2011 8:19:09 AM
Mark United States
I am an early person, but I have to admit I too am having a problem adjusting to the time change.  God is good.  He will help us adjust and use the time change to His glory.  Wait and see!
3/15/2011 8:20:40 AM
Jenn Canada
I was just saying to my husband that there aren't enough hours in the day some days, and I don't even hold a full time job! You're inspiring me to streamline my days and weed out some of the time wasting stuff and focus on doing some Kingdom work. Hmmmm, interesting, my 'word' this year is 'Focus'.
3/15/2011 8:21:08 AM
Mary United States
I love the picture of the man changing the time on the clock!! I work nights, 12 hour shifts. I have never gotten used to staying up all night. On the nights I don't work, I sleep at night. My brother used to tell me that is where I made my mistake. He said I should stay up on my nights off just to keep my schedule the same. But what do I do all night when I am not working?  Just not natural? Any ideas?? Love your songs. They are so uplifting and inspirational. Thanks and God Bless!!
3/15/2011 8:21:49 AM
Lacey United States
Dang, not the first comment by far. Check out this video from our church. We have 'WE SAY WHEN' Sunday each Spring Forward. This has been the 3rd year that we DO NOT turn our clocks forward until AFTER church. It's great!!/video/video.php?v=10150199487484307&oid=367123144610&comments
3/15/2011 8:22:23 AM
Deema Norway
Hmm... time change? it hasn't yet happened to us in Europe.. so we have another 12 days so sleep extra hour ;)

But i hope, DJ, that your body will get used to the Summer time soon!
God Bless!
3/15/2011 8:23:54 AM
Irene United States
After renewing my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior that has allowed me a greater appreciation for even the "tough" times in my life, a little thing like the time change isn't as bad as it used to be!  I just focus on the fact that I am alive and able to enjoy my beautiful daughters one more day. It's a struggle believe me but having in my mind great songs that you play like Mercy Me's Beautiful remind me that I am His and nothing else matters!!! Keep up the great work.  Love all at LOVE!!!!
3/15/2011 8:24:00 AM
Lacey United States
Try this link instead Smile.
3/15/2011 8:24:26 AM
Laura Southern United States
Laura Southern
I don't know about Day light savings time either. It certainly messes with routine.  I am tired.  Please pray for my daughter and her family.  They are struggling and many harsh words have been spoken lately.  I would pray that Christ would be the center of that family and that you would bring their marriage back together!.
3/15/2011 8:25:24 AM
diane United States
don't like the time change never have, never will.  life is short enough without taking away time even if it is just an hour.  lets face it if you are going to do more you will do it whether you have more daylight or not. JD nice to see you are trying to have a good outlook on this as for me I'm waiting to "fall" back into my missing hours.  
3/15/2011 8:25:25 AM
Debbie Boyd United States
Debbie Boyd
Thanks JD!  My 5 year old twins love turning on K-LOVE on my radio in my room and hanging out with me while I finish getting ready for the day.  My daughter loves to dance to the music and can sing some of the lyrics to "Blink" by Revive.  The song was played at her Grandma's Celebration of Life service (Memorial Service).  Thanks!  Debbie Boyd, San Jose, CA.
3/15/2011 8:27:07 AM
Pam United States
As much as we enjoy the summer evenings when we have more daylight to play, that first week is really hard! Sunday I was almost late for church (along with everyone else)because I slept late. I feel like I have my days and nights mixed up for the first few days; can't go to sleep, can't wake up!
3/15/2011 8:28:46 AM
Cyndee United States
Hi JD,

I too am having trouble adjusting to the time change! My issue is not so much the mornings
I notice the nights come so much faster and there is just not enough time in the day to get things done.. I found myself finally getting around to making dinner for my family at 7:00 last evening and we were eating close to 8:00. But did enjoy good quality time with the kids. Hmm maybe that was one thing that needed to change in my daily routine, thanks for the insight.
So as far as routine goes it has been totally thrown off with this time change.  
But we can only move forward and march on in giving our all to Jesus Christ one hour at a time.
3/15/2011 8:28:53 AM
Christine United States
See JD? You're not alone on this "spring forward" issue. It also takes me a week to adjust. But when it's already time to "fall back", I've already adjusted a day before the actual fall back day. Smile
Though you're at work an hour early, look at the bright side: you'll be leaving work an hour early, too!
A blessed Tuesday to you!
3/15/2011 8:29:09 AM
Lacey United States
Here is our 1st 2009 Video:
Here is the 2nd 2010 Video:
This is Centerpoint Church in Orem, UT. Enjoy!
3/15/2011 8:29:51 AM
Becky United States
JD,  I agree this time change is a tough one.  Expecially draining for me as we are blessed to have a newborn in our home, and are dealing with late night feedings.

3/15/2011 8:29:57 AM
Debbie Boyd United States
Debbie Boyd
P.S.  I agree the "Spring Forward" time change is hard.  I especially don't like having it hit in March.  I grew up with it being in April.  Although, whether it is March/April it doesn't matter.  I guess I will have to plan better ahead next time.  Of course, being sick on top of it doesn't help.  Whose idea was this in the first place?  The one thing I do love is more time to play as a family after dinner and enjoy the great outdoors. with our kids.  Debbie Boyd, San Jose, CA
3/15/2011 8:48:05 AM
Debi United States
Does anybody really know what time it is? And if so, I need to wear many watches . . . . <3
3/15/2011 8:48:14 AM
Amanda United States
I totally agree on the time change!! I'm 17 and my day starts super early! I have to say that I love the fall back when we gain an hour. I've been so tired and it's taking me a long time to adjust to this time change, but God will use it for His will. Smile God Bless.
3/15/2011 8:51:46 AM
i agree with u jd i wish dst was stopped i to lag when this happens keep up the good news on klove  i listen to 98.9 fm in the quad cities
3/15/2011 9:19:25 AM
Luba Rich United States
Luba Rich
Hi JD, it is hard to get use to time change.I grow up in Russia, and spring time change was always on April 1st.I've been in america for 20 years now, I still have hard time to adjust.I do love get up when it's still dark and go for a run, we live by the american river so there is lot of wild life, which you can only see early morning.
P.S.I love to listen to K-Love a lot.
God bless you. Luba Rich.  
3/15/2011 9:35:10 AM
karen b United States
karen b
i too have a difficult time adjusting to the time change and it never seems to fail that just as i get used to it it's time to change again lol i've recently started listening to k-love on 95.3 in tifton ga
3/15/2011 10:10:44 AM
Amy United States
I personally like the time change.  It's only an hour and people don't seem to complain when they stay up an extra hour and loose sleep.  I love the long nights in the spring and summer.  Next time, just do what my family does.  We change our clocks early on Saturday before the time change and end up going to bed to get the same amount of sleep.  Just an ideaSmile
3/15/2011 10:17:54 AM
Janet United States
You should move to Arizona JD!  We don't change our clocks.  I love it! Of course that means the sun comes up at like 4:30 in the morning during June but...  Smile
3/15/2011 10:18:57 AM
Amanda United States
You're so right, JD. Tuesday is here and I am still exhausted!! I love the extra light in the evening, but not loving the extra dark in the morning!! Can't wait until my body catches up with the time! Thanks for sharing!
3/15/2011 10:19:17 AM
Deborah United States
Hello, I'm am new to listening to you.  I do understand your post about the time change.  I love this time of the year and the whole spring forward bit.  The first hint of new birth in the land comes with the changing of our clocks ahead one hour.  I begin to get excited because spring is my most favorite time of the year.  Perhaps we should look at this time forward as an extra hour to give our praises to our Lord God and to Jesus for being our sacrafice and for giving us eternal life with him and the father as promised by his resurrection.  Just a thought.  With love in Christ, Deb.
3/15/2011 10:19:49 AM
Gina United States
Quite frankly, daylight savings time has far outlived its purpose.  There are other parts of the world that simply can't fathom why we would waste our time going forward and backward.  Certainly, there are advantages to having more daylight in the evenings, but on a whole I'm with Arizona...get rid of DST!  For the few months that we have less light in the evenings, I'd rather put up with it than have to spend a week adjusting my body clock schedule.
3/15/2011 10:43:59 AM
Teresa United States
J.D. you got me thinking.  I was enjoying the extra hour of daylight in the evening so much, I didn't realize how I've had such a problem getting up in the morning.  Thanks for sharing. Love listening to K-Love.  I was upset at first because I miss the local news, weather, and DJ's and are concerned about the people who lost their jobs here in Knoxville. I'm enjoying your station though.
3/15/2011 10:46:26 AM
Cindy Hinske United States
Cindy Hinske
don't really know how to tell you this.  but the time change really doesn't bother me.  I am in Arizona and our time never changes. So, we must be on the right time.  It's time the country caught up with us. lol Bless You
3/15/2011 10:50:53 AM
Pat Clark United States
Pat Clark
I don't see the need for Daylight Savings time - Arizona gets away with not doing it, so why can't everyone else?  Just seems like a pointless silly game intended to confuse people.
3/15/2011 11:15:37 AM
Jeri United States
I LOVE to spring forward so I don't really notice anything more than being a little tired.  The fall back change kills me because I know it's going to be dark at 5 p.m. & it's going to be cold.  So, obviously this thing is more of a state-of-mind for me since I love spring/summer. Smile  Bless you, JD.  I love to listen to you.  You always bless me.
3/15/2011 12:04:18 PM
Susan United States
JD, Thanks so much for taking the time change and encouraging me to change something besides the time - my time with God. Lent is a perfect time to get closer to God. Thanks for the encouragement. Blessings upon you and all those who make KLOVE possible.
3/15/2011 12:38:01 PM
Emily United States
Here in the Northeast, where we suffer from vitamin D deficiency, I look forward to the start of daylight savings time because I get to see the sun again!
3/15/2011 12:39:03 PM
Thom malone United States
Thom malone

3/15/2011 12:39:18 PM
Nancy United States

I think that they should change daylights saving times to Friday at 12am, at least I would have the weekend to help me to get into the different change even though it will take awhile to get use to, every little bit helps Smile
3/15/2011 12:40:47 PM
Kristina United States
I have a daughter who is in Middle School and rides the bus to school and I had just gotten used to watching her get on the bus with the sun up or light in the sky. is dark again when the bus runs. My 4 year old said we can't go to school, it is still dark! Out of the mouths of babes! My husband loves to fish and he fishes late in the evening "until dark" so he loves this time change. I think he is the only one in our family!-God Bless!
3/15/2011 12:50:13 PM
janell United States
hey, I was an hr late for church because I forgot to set my clocks back and I felt really bad because I teach a Sunday school class but some one else took my spot and it was all good lol
3/15/2011 5:00:43 PM
Kimber United States
My sister is visiting me in San Antonio (we are from Missouri) and I was going to take her to a church here in town. Wellll whenever I got up and told her to start getting ready.. she informed me that it was already almost time for church to start! That little sneak knew and didn't tell me!! LoL I guess there are advantages to having cable instead of watching Netflix all the time.... I'll get her next week though. Smile
3/15/2011 5:46:02 PM
Mark United States
This is the only week of the year that I need an alarm, my internal clock normally works but not this week.May He help us all!
3/16/2011 11:56:12 AM
Dana United States
No offense to Benjamin Franklin but i dispise having to put the clock one hour ahead. I like putting it back because you get more time to SLEEP but now! It will take until we put our clock an hour back just to get used to it.
3/17/2011 8:17:08 AM
may smith United States
may  smith
o man this time change relly set me backFrown and with 5 boys its not easy. there ages: 13,7,8,3,2
4/4/2011 7:25:37 PM
Laura Hegele United States
Laura Hegele
Hi, JD

This is about 3 weeks later than I intended, but just to comment on the time change in the spring: I have never had a favorable attitude toward the spring forward time change. Just feel more tired for a while before getting used to it. I remember in the 1980's it was 6 months one way and 6 months the other. Now it's 8 and 4.
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