Jul 11 2011

The Trip to Rwanda

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Africa, I'm reflecting on some items that aren't a few of my favorite things...

As the sound of constant beeping approaches me, I look to see where it’s coming from. It’s getting louder…and louder…when suddenly; I realize it’s just an airport skycap driving past me. I wonder if he even hears that noise anymore, or if he’s numbed by the constant beeping.

Sometimes we get so used to the things around us, we don’t even notice them anymore. All of those little irritations that we somehow accept…and allow into our lives…have become part of who we are. Has the skycap driver completely tuned out the annoying warning sound his machine produces? Just like the poor guy sitting next to the escalator…with the recording of a woman in a nasal voice saying, “The escalator is about to end, watch your step.”

Speaking of which, do you know what’s it like to want to be somewhere else…really badly? I’m having one of those moments…right now. Airports are not my favorite places, but I endure them. Just like flying in a plane…I simply go into survivor mode. Just like everyone else…waiting for your zone to board…First Class, Gold members…Platinum…Plutonium…those with small children…and people acting like children…they all parade past you. The smug feeling eventually overtakes you too, sometimes…as your number is eventually called….and you walk past those other people, with lesser status. We’ve finally arrived? No, the journey has just begun.

As we all crowd onto this large tin can…like it, or not…we’re all on this voyage together.

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