Sep 30 2011

Interview with Special Guest

Interview with Casting Crowns

On Tour with a New Project

Writing "Courageous" with Matthew West

Movie Courageous

Youth Ministry

Do you have anything you would like to tell them?

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9/30/2011 3:31:02 AM
Peggy Guiles United States
Peggy Guiles
Hi JD, Mark and all Casting Crowns,

  I can't wait til you come to Greensboro NC in a few weeks!!!

  You have been such a blessing in my life these past years of loss in our family.

  Thank you so much for the way you serve the body of Christ!!!!

9/30/2011 3:31:16 AM
Mathias Seifert Germany
Mathias Seifert
Greetings from East Germany - thank you for encourging music. I am happy to hear that there will be a new cd and i am looking forward for the day i can also buy the new film courageous.

Be blessed you all.
Mathias Seifert
9/30/2011 3:34:09 AM
Hannah United States
Hey Mark,

I'm a 17 year old senior in high school from Morgantown, WV and I can't even begin to tell you how much your songs have blessed my life. Thank you so much for your ministry and everything you do. I love your new song Courageous, it reminds me to be an inspiration and to stay bold in my faith. I can't wait for your new CD!

9/30/2011 3:34:45 AM
Heather Johnson United States
Heather Johnson
hey mark! just wanted to say that ur music inspires me.. when i get down i listen to ur music! im goin to see the moive courageous tonight.. and i love yalls song courageous! but anyways i love ur music and keep lettn ur light shine for JESUS!!

With Love,
Heather Johnson
9/30/2011 3:40:41 AM
Cathy Rilinger United States
Cathy Rilinger
Hi JD,Mark love you all you have been so inspiring to me over the years. Your music has helped me through some tough times. I listen to you JD every morning going to work. Thank you for being there.  Much love<3
9/30/2011 3:41:56 AM
Theresa United States
Hello JD, Mark and all of Casting Crowns,

     I just wanted to first say thank you for K love and the blessing it is in my little families life!!! My hubby and I just had twin girls in July and we put them to bed with k love on every night. This morning I was happy to hear that Mark was on and thought I would say that casting crowns is by far my favorite band and you really draw me into prayer through your music!!! I especially love courageous because I think calling on men, especially my hubby, is just amazing! Men need to be told they are amazing and despite the ways of my hubby's own father, he's an amazing father because he has the ultimate father in Christ!
   Thank you and God Bless you all! Oh and Mark, you have wonderful harmonies in your music with the woman!! I sing myself and always sing along with their harmonies Smile

   God bless,
       Theresa from Pittsburgh (and my twin girls whom I'm feeding currently Smile )
9/30/2011 4:01:33 AM
Erick Finck United States
Erick Finck
JD and Mark,

Thank you, both, for your ministies! You have blessed many! Mark, can't wait to see you in Knoxville! Your group is a favorite of many!

May God bless all that both of you do!

Erick Finck

JD, please check your e-mail! Thanks!
9/30/2011 4:19:00 AM
Roseann Buchanan United States
Roseann Buchanan

Keep being the wonderful man that God created you to be!  You are truly a modern day disciple!  God's blessings on Casting Crowns!

9/30/2011 4:19:43 AM
Jennifer Wibbelsman United States
Jennifer Wibbelsman
Hello Mark I think it's awesome what your band does in reaching out to people.  I love your concerts and worshiping with you and your band.  I walk away so blessed.
9/30/2011 4:21:40 AM
Andy Latham United Kingdom
Andy Latham
Hi from a sunny UK, have followed Casting Crowns for 5 years now, truly inspirational music, writing and leadership. Have seen you twice in concert in the UK (Stoke-on-Trent) and been blown away both times. Hope to get to the US and see you North Carolina in October.
You do not know how much work God is doing through you, but I praise the Lord for giving the whole group the talents and the ability to lead so many people around the world into God's presence.
God Bless
Andy Latham
9/30/2011 4:22:14 AM
Joell davis United States
Joell davis
Can't wait for October 13 in memphis ! Have u thought of taking bible study national? Maybe do a concert with a sermon?
9/30/2011 4:23:34 AM
Todd United States
Mark, Casting Crowns, you have such an impact on all of us.  Thank you for your ministry, you have impacted me and my family so much.  Went to an Alter and the Door tour in Amherst, MA, and was blown away.  Never thought it would be a huge whorship service.  I expected a concert, but was blessed so much more with hundreds of people singing with you via power point.  IT was was awsome.  Keep up the great job, and look forward to the new CD.  God Bless.
9/30/2011 4:25:27 AM
Sally Hernandez United States
Sally Hernandez
Good Morning JD, Mark and Casting Crowns,

Your songs have been a blessing to my family life. My son enjoys listening your songs and plays them over and over again. We give thanks to Lord for blessing you with a wonderful ministry.

God Bless you and your family! Smile
9/30/2011 4:27:00 AM
Russ Clousing United States
Russ Clousing
Hey Mark   Hey JD  I thank God everyday for K-Love! The LOrd has used this station to get me thru seasons in my life that you cant amagine.  I feel so blessed that we live in a country where you can simply turn on the radio and hear and hear constant encouragement and worship.  (Mark I saw you guys in Idaho Falls Id two years ago and am hoping to see see in Kennawick on tue.  I love your music (it brings me closer to God). I cant wait til your new record comes out..  (my fave song is still  -caught in the middle-) Ill have to tell you bout that sometime Smile )   Thank you L-Love and Casting Crowns for reaching so many in need!!  God Bless    Russ
9/30/2011 4:29:15 AM
Tony Sicuranzo United States
Tony Sicuranzo
Hi JD & Mark
I just got home from the show in Roseville ( I live in south Monterey county) It was a long drive but worth it to worship with you guys and gals of Casting Crowns. Hats off to the amazing crew that worked the stage tonight... er uh last night... yea thats it. Lightning fast stage set up between bands! That doesn't happen with out great prep work and blessed crew and equipment :o)
The afters and Sanctus Real didn't disapoint eather. Caught them at Spirt West Coast a couple weeks ago. Come out and see us again soon Mark and bring your friends.
JD, got nothin but love for ya brotha see you next year at SWC. Thanks again Mark and friends for a great night of worship.
Gotta get some sleep so I can catch the 3:00 showing of a new movie comming out tomarrow... er uh today. yea thats it. You may have heard about it... :o)
King City CA
9/30/2011 4:30:54 AM
Lindsey Foster United States
Lindsey Foster
Good morning, JD and Mark.  Just wanted to let you both know that it's easy to see you are allowing God to use you because of the blessing you are!  Anywhere I can find your 2012 schedule?  My husband and I have never seen Casting Crowns in concert and are eagerly waiting for you to tour close to easten PA (Philly)!
9/30/2011 4:35:56 AM
Maggie United States
WOW....19 Kids one on one....I have a 21 year old living in Hampton GA currently.  Please add him to your prayer list.

Your music really touches people, in a world of so many negative influences....THANK you for making a positive difference!  
9/30/2011 4:37:37 AM
Brenda & Rodger Babcock United States
Brenda & Rodger Babcock
Good morning Mark,Casting Crowns, JD & K-Love, I got a group together from church and got tix yesterday for the "Come to the Well Tour" Nov. 17th in Jacksonville, FL.  Casting Crowns was the first Christian concert my husband and I attended in 2005. We were both in our 40's and lived a life bound by alcohol and drugs. God led us to a wonderful church where we accepted Jesus as our personal saviour.  We are key leaders in our church now and our lives are not the same.  God put you in Jacksonville in 2005 for us. You will always be very special to us. Looking forward to seeing you again. Have a wonderful blessed day! (:
9/30/2011 4:37:42 AM
Hi Mark and JD, KLove has been a blessing to me as well, I thank God everyday for the day I came accross this station, I sleep and wake up with KLove, I listen to KLove a work all day long so I am never without it, everyone has become like family to me, and Mark I love you guys, your music move me, move me to tears.  Thank you! May God Bless You always. continue the good work in His name.
I am Avita from the caribbean Island of St.Lucia
9/30/2011 4:39:15 AM
Linda Young United States
Linda Young
Hi Mark and JD - My daughter-in-law and I are coming to the concert on November 5 at the Bank of Kentucky Center.  Can't wait!!  The song "Glorious Day" is currently our favorite.  It is awesome how you took an old hymn, "One Day" and made it new and contemporary but with the same message.    

Where is your home church?  If I am ever in the area, I would like to plan to be there on Sunday to praise and worship the Lord.  

All God's greatest blessings to you and the other members of the band.  
9/30/2011 4:40:40 AM
Josh Luther United States
Josh Luther
I have a question for Mark Hall. I struggle with managing my time wisely and I am involved in only a fraction of the things that you are. My question is how do you do it. How do practically balance your time between your family, your ministry at church and ministering to your youth, and traveling and being a part of Casting Crowns. Most people would struggle with being part of a band and trying to find time with their families.   I'd appreciate any advice on how I could manage my time more wisely.
9/30/2011 4:46:50 AM
Gerry United States
Let's start that you are an awesome band. Many times I sing, cry and share your music. thank-you K-love for being here for us to be able to listen. Hearing you earlier on my way to work I understand how your music is so inspirational. God is working through you. One of the most inspiring for me to feel closer to God is through music. Thank-you. I pray that I will be able to see you when you come to town in Jacksonville this Nov.
9/30/2011 4:48:12 AM
Denise Daugherty United States
Denise Daugherty
On February 9, 2011, my husband and I were front row enjoying your concert on the KLOVE cruise.  Little did we know that at the same time, firefighters were battling a fire in 9 degree weather at our home.  Due to a series of miscommunications, we did not even know about the fire until midnight.  No one was injured; one of my pets ran away but was found two days later.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I was at your concert being filled with many of the words that helped to sustain me, even to this day.  We are still not in our home and have no idea when it will be completed.  2011 has presented other challenges as well.  My daughter had surgery, my son has been undergoing treatment for an issue with his back and needs surgery, I will be having surgery in October, my oldest daughter's car was destroyed in a flood, and the list goes on and on.  I am down but I am NOT defeated.  I am praising God for ALL things and most definitely praising Him in the storm.  And, GUESS WHAT???  I have front row tickets to see you in Pittsburgh next year!!!  Thank you for your ministry; God's blessings are certainly flowing in Casting Crowns.  
9/30/2011 4:57:00 AM
Denise Daugherty United States
Denise Daugherty
Come to Pittsburgh next year!  
9/30/2011 4:59:11 AM
Cindy United States
Mark, I just needed to let you know that Casting Crowns has been such an inspiration to me and my family. My husband recently confessed infidelity from several years ago. If I had not been introduced to the Lord and your music prior to the confession, I don't think our marriage would have survived. Thank you for all you do.  God bless you all.
9/30/2011 5:01:39 AM
Lindsi United States
Thank You for allowing God to use you through music. Alot of people and my self included can run away with the music into great worship. It's an outlet for me. But your music isn;t just for adults. My son, Case who just turned 6 loves listening to Casting Crowns. His Favorite is Oh, Glorious Day..well to him, it's the braclet song. We have the braclet with the arrows and that's how we remembers it. It"s such a powerful song. Thank you for listening to God when he speaks to your heart cause the lyrics to the songs speak to mine. Thank You and God Bless you and your loved ones.
9/30/2011 5:05:48 AM
Riann Ellarson Boyd United States
Riann Ellarson Boyd
Hi Brother Mark!

It has been such a joy to listen to you this morning!!!  Feel like I'm back at First Baptist in high school.  Smile  I see so many young married couples that look to their spouse to fill that deepest thirst and their marriages are failing.  If they would just realize that their spouses are an extra blessing from God and only Jesus can fill that void. I can't wait to get and give the Come to the Well CD.  I know it's going to change lives.  

Thank you so much for your faithfulness to God and your discipline to stay focused on the important things, despite much worldly success.  Because of your faithfulness to seek God first and striving to know Him more everyday, God is truly able to speak LIFE through you.  Thank you for allowing Him to use you in all that you do.  You are an amazing communicator, encourager, motivator and a wonderful example of a man of God.  Keep on making disciples and changing the world one soul at a time!  

With much love,

SmileyRye Smile
9/30/2011 5:14:40 AM
Lisa Jo Colwell United States
Lisa Jo Colwell
Good morning Mark, this is Lisa Jo from Pittsburgh, PA!  Thank you guys for including Micah 6:8 in your new song Courageous.  Very Strong.  Be sure that I am praying for the band.  Your music is MY FAVORITE, because it is based in the power of Jesus Christ.  I am 53, so be aware that you guys are reaching more than just a 15 year old audience, ONLY because you each CHOOSE to walk with Jesus Christ daily, and not let the fame go to your heads.  Excellent!  Lisa Jo Colwell
9/30/2011 5:16:37 AM
Jim Satkowiak United States
Jim Satkowiak
Hey, JD, & Mark, just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your show a couple months back in Saginaw MI. It was totally awesome!! I been listening to your Between the Altar & the Door CD this week as my pastors sermon last week was exactly on that, carrying the message of the Gospel out into the world everyday, not just on Sunday's. Thank you again for your Music Ministry, keep up the great work of spreading the word,"Until The Whole World hears'"
Take care and God Bless
9/30/2011 5:26:20 AM
chad cordell United States
chad cordell
Hi Mark. Can't wait to meet you guys in Grove City in Ohio in about a month. Casting Crowns music has meant so much to me and my family. I love you guys.
9/30/2011 5:27:29 AM
Sandy United States
My last concert where I saw your group was at Magic Springs in Hot Springs, AR.  Your Christian group is amazing, and your are my favorite group.  I listen to you all the time, your songs have so many messages in them.  I do not miss a concert if you are in my state.  I have my college son and husband go with me to the concerts.
9/30/2011 5:28:12 AM
Jennifer Herrera United States
Jennifer Herrera
Good Morning JD, Mark & Casting Crowns!

First I just wanted to say thank you for all you do, you truly make a difference in my life; & JD all the songs you play my 5 year old is sure to know every word (and that just amazes me on how at 5 years old her heart belongs completely to God) I also want to welcome you to Albuquerque (i live in albuquerque) , you will LOVE the balloon fiesta!

to Mark, casting crowns,

I cannot wait to see you next friday for your concert here in rio rancho, nm... i stayed up until midnight the day the tickets went on sale to get front row tickets & i'm proud to say it paid off,  i will be in the first row on the floor, i am sooooo exited Smile maybe you guys will get a chance to check out our balloon fiesta as well? God bless you all! Much love from New Mexico Smile
9/30/2011 5:31:46 AM
Leonard United States
  Your songs that you sing are needed very much
  in my life struggles.
9/30/2011 5:41:11 AM
Laurie United States
Hi Mark! I grew up at FBC Daytona Bch. where my grandfather was the contractor of the original bldg., my dad was the youngest ordained deacon, and my mom and dad, as well as my husband and I were married there. When the Lynn family came to FBC, Gail was pregnant with Melodee, so I got to watch her grow up and have prayed for her through her recent surgeries. I am an official K-Love volunteer and will be working the Knoxville concert and hope to say hello. Thank you SO MUCH for your ministry to families. We need men to step up to the plate and be the spiritual leaders of their families. Joy and blessings today!
9/30/2011 5:45:01 AM
Ruben Guerra United States
Ruben Guerra
Good morning JD, Mark Hall and Casting Crowns,

We were so excited when you came to El Paso,TX for the "Come To The Well" tour.  It was such a great concert and especially all your encouraging words I left the concert so on fire for the Lord.  I can wait to go see "Courageous" today.  I look forward .  I look forward when you come back to El Paso again.

God Bless.
9/30/2011 5:53:46 AM
Stacie United States
Good Morning JD and Mark! JD I love listening to you on my way to work..what a blessing KLove is.

Mark- I have been a huge fan of Casting Crowns since your first CD. Your music is such a blessing, especially the song Praise you in this storm. My husband and I were expecting our second baby and had a miscarriage early in the first trimester. We both had a hard time dealing with the loss, especially me. We are blessed to have a "walk to remember" in our town, which is to remember those children we have lost. It was only a few months after the miscarriage. One of the songs sang that day was "praise you in this storm". I listened and absorbed the words to that song that day. And it brought healing. Thank you so much for your wonderful music and ministry. I am so excited to have tickets to your show in Lexington, KY on Oct.21st. I will be in the 4th row with bells on!!

Also- I have been listening to the new songs on FB and LOVE "spirit wind" need to do more songs with a bluegrass sound because it was awesome. May God continue to bless you and the group.

9/30/2011 6:04:31 AM
Daniel W McMartin United States
Daniel W McMartin
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  I can honestly say I will never be able to properly thank you for the words that the Holy Spirit moved you to write in the song "The Alter And The Door"  Every believer in God NEEDS to hear that song and truly listen to the words as they speak to their heart!
I hope that by now with your busy schedule you have found a chance to read through my book I sent you titled "Lord Please Open My Eyes"  More so I pray that I did justice to you and your music with the section I wrote that expressed exactly what a life changing result I experienced when God placed your song in my life at just the right time!  The work you and all other CCM artists are doing on a daily basis are changing lives!  My simple prayer is that the words I wrote in my book act as a testiment to what a blessing you and other CCM artists are in the lives of people like me!  I am so thankful for the uplifting and encouraging words God blesses my ears with every day from musical groups such as yours!  It's the music you create that helps to grants me the strength and power to forge ahead regardless of how large the storm in my life may be at the time.
Again I can not begin to thank you enough!!!  May God continue to overfill your cup with blessings for the work you do in his GREAT name!
Daniel W McMartin
p.s. You guys totally ROCKED the Iowa State Fair this year!!!
9/30/2011 6:54:50 AM
Marissa United States
Hi JD, Mark and Casting Crowns,

Your music means so much to me and my faith. Thanks for all you do! You guys are amazing and a light to my life.


I hope you come to Michigan so I can see you! Good luck with all your concerts
9/30/2011 6:56:45 AM
Omayra De Jesus United States
Omayra De Jesus
Hey Mark and JD,
Thank you sooooo much for allowing us to enjoy the gift that God has blessed you both with, Mark in song and JD in encouragement.
My daughter is 12 and we BOTH like your music. It is so much fun to be in the car and listen to awesome music and know that the words are hitting home and allowing us to see someone elses view of how extraordinary God is. Thank you for reminding us to be COURAGEOUS every day!
Omayra De Jesus, CT
9/30/2011 6:58:36 AM
elsa United States
i love casting crowns you guys are so amazing my children and grandchildren love your music so many favorite songs!!! when i am feeling down and lonely your music always lifts me and reminds me that Jesus loves me, my personal favorite "set me free"  keep up the good work and may you be blessed to make more awesome music we love you!!!

elsa cardenas  
9/30/2011 6:59:56 AM
Kellie Folks United States
Kellie Folks
As a youth leader who has taken our group to Global for the past four years- a.) Rodger & Kathy Gidewell, Mark and all the camp workers have transformed our ministry and b.)thank you for 5 years ago personally emailing a youth leader to enourage her and recommend that camp.

PS- Loved "Your own Jesus" and I LOVE your statement about the first adam standing by while his wife chats up a snake and the second Adam boot stomping the sucker. Thank God for giving me a husband who gets that!
9/30/2011 7:03:27 AM
Leanna Kay United States
Leanna Kay
Hi Mark,
I've listened to your music ministry for years and have been inspired by your work with teens.

I have a tween girl and want to help strengthen her faith before she hits the critical teen years. We've started a ministry aimed at girls 10 and up, at but I'm afraid we're still the best kept secret on the web.

Please pray that we can reach girls in this age group to help them embrace their uniqueness and walk with our Savior as they mature.

I will continue to pray for your ministry!

9/30/2011 7:03:55 AM
Teresa United States
JD and Casting Crowns, I just want to say thank you for letting God use you in the way He intended. You are such a blessing to so many people, kids and adults alike.  My prayer for you is that you remain on task and continue to let God use you to touch all of us. My husband and I have been looking forward to today's release of the movie Courageous.  We can't wait to take all our kids.  Blessings to you all!

9/30/2011 7:04:38 AM
Deea Frisbie United States
Deea Frisbie
Good Morning JD, and Everyone from Casting Crowns,

I was listening earlier, and I heard a description of "Second Adam Men."  I almost crashed my car, because those words are exactly what I needed to hear.  I am a Mom of two beautiful children, and I am currently trying to create a bible study for my son ( almost 12), my husband and friends of ours with boys the same age.  We are looking to meet once a month and have the Dad's teach the boys what a Godly man he looks, how he acts, how he speaks, how he lives in this world, but remains firmly planted in scripture ....I wanted to ask if I could use the idea of Second Adam Men in the study?  The stomping on the head of the snake is a perfect visual and just action filled enough to engage 12 year old boys, and would give me a great place to always return to at the end of each session.  Thank you so much for your music, your service, and JD, your voice each day.  Blessings come from everywhere...including the radio!  Hope your day is filled with Joy...Deea Frisbie
9/30/2011 7:06:00 AM
Vicki Lawrence United States
Vicki Lawrence
Hey Mark!  I'm so glad to hear you this morning on K-LOVE.  Casting Crowns is my absolute FAVORITE band and your songs really touch my heart.  You personally are an example to me as well.  My son who is now 28 has severe ADHD.  Your testimony really warms my heart about how God can use everybody!  In God's Love,  Vicki
9/30/2011 7:06:22 AM
Susan ;) United States
Susan ;)
I am so excited that you all will be here in Albuquerque this weekend... KLOVE & artists Casting Crowns, David Crowder, Sanctus Real, The Afters, et. al. A little bit of heaven on earth to have the chance to praise the Lord with you all in person... I am so delighted to welcome you and pray you will enjoy seeing a bit of the Glory of the Lord displayed here in the Duke the glorious display in nature and the beauty of the balloons against beautiful blue skies & mountains. I hope I get a chance to see you all at the Fiesta - I just want to hug you for all that you do each and every day! You've been a tremendous blessing to me and I klove you all.
9/30/2011 7:06:37 AM
Cathy Stenzel United States
Cathy Stenzel
Mark, I so wanted to bring my son to your concert last night to share your message for him and how God wants to use him at his public high school.  He has a mild form of autism and is bombarded with many social things that are of this world and it is hard for him to navigate in that setting sometimes.  Maybe someday I can bring him to one of your concerts, but in the meantime, do you recommend a book (besides the Bible of course) to help to lead him the way you are teaching the kids in your church.  He is 15, going on 16 and he really needs clear cut examples and encouragement.  I try to do my best, but if you could help, I would be so appreciative.  
In August, we had the privilege to meet so many staff at KLOVE and AIR-1 and it was just a priceless time for our family.  We were encouraged to meet Brant who is very similar to our son, Matthew, so again, I would love to meet you some day, as your songs bring ME such encouragement since raising Matthew has not been easy sometimes.  It is hard being a parent anyway, but it is really hard having someone with special needs and trying to impress what God has called them to be and for them to truly "get it".  So, I thank you for your many songs that encourage and give hope to so many.  Music is a special way that God helps us all!  Blessings on you and your band!

Cathy Stenzel
9/30/2011 7:06:47 AM
Richard Hutchins United States
Richard Hutchins
Hey Mark! its Richard Hutchins Jessica Nutter's New husband from your youth group at at ELFBC. I just wanted you to know that the new song Couragious has really made an impact in me as a man leading Jessi our first months of being married. Even though Jessica has left the youth group you guys continue to make an impact on our lives. I always will have tons of respect for Crowns and the Klove station! I listen everyday from work here at Liberty University in Lynchburg VA.  Jessi and I will be praying for your Tour that you can reach the hearts of families all over and that God can use you all to turn the hearts of the men in this generation!

Grace and Peace,

9/30/2011 7:09:17 AM
Lisa Coleman United States
Lisa Coleman
Hi JD, Pastor Mark and the crew from 'Cackling Clowns!' No misprint here, in our house you are known affectionately at the Cackling Clowns. We had the awesome privilege to see you live at Kingdom Bound this past summer. Our whole family was blessed by your performance and most importantly when you shared what God has done in your lives. Because the concert was loud (as a concert should be) my husband thought the MC introduced the band as the Cackling ClownsSmile) Thank you to each and every one of you for your service to our awesome God! Looking forward to receiving our copy of your new album as we ordered it at Kingdom Bound. God Bless.
9/30/2011 7:15:35 AM
Silvia United States
Mark, I saw you in concert a week ago here in El Paso, TX.  I loved it all!!  Loved your music, and this may sound strange, but my favorite part was when you'd give short testimonies on your life and on what God is doing in the lives of the teenagers you pastor. I bought your book The Well and it has blown my mind.  What wonderful insight and wisdom God has given you and have poured out into this book.  May God continue to strengthen you and give you the energy and health to keep doing what you love most.  From a 45 year old mom who jams with her kids on the way to school.
9/30/2011 7:16:07 AM
osiel H United States
osiel H
Good morning JD, Mark, and to everyone in the studio.

I just wanted to text a quick good morning to all of you, how quick well I, Bye!
9/30/2011 7:22:55 AM
Amber Shaffer United States
Amber Shaffer
I am so excited that Mark Hall is on with you this morning, I am hoping to request you guys playing there new song, Jeuss Friend of Sinners, when they played that at the concert they did in Casper, wy a couple months ago it really spoke to my heart and I would love to hear it again!!!
Thank you
9/30/2011 7:27:05 AM
Traci Ash United States
Traci Ash
Hi Mark,

My husband is the Sheriff in the county that we live in and we have been heavily promoting the movie Courageous, but for some reason we can not seem to get the Deputies and police officers to come to the movie with us. I have challenged and encouraged them to see this movie. I have posted your video and the movie trailor. Please encourage police officers to see this movie. It is time to break the mold that police officers/deputies don't care about anyone but themselves and especially they don't care about  their families. We need more strong christian men/women in law enforcement. Thank you for your time.

9/30/2011 7:29:42 AM
Juli Martin United States
Juli Martin

JD, you mentioned Bible studies by Mark Hall.  Do you know where I can find them?

Thank you, Juli
9/30/2011 7:30:18 AM
Auriel United States
Thank you so much for your wonderful music and messages. I saw you this past August at the Wisconsin State Fair and you forever changed my life and because of that concert I've accepted Jesus in my heart!!! So thank you for the inspiration!
9/30/2011 7:30:26 AM
Doris Olmstead United States
Doris Olmstead
The Casting Crown song that means so much to me is If We've Ever Needed You Now...hope that's the correct name!  

thanks for all you do!
9/30/2011 7:30:32 AM
Traci Ash United States
Traci Ash
P.S. I LOVE your music and it touches me to my very soul and has been my life raft during my battle with depression. Thank you for what you and your band do to reach those who need to know that they are not alone and that God is always there and that He has never left our side.

9/30/2011 7:30:41 AM
Stephanie Vikberg United States
Stephanie Vikberg
My husband won tickets to one day of the 2009 SoulFest music & worship festival in Gunstock, NH, and it happened to be the night that Casting Crowns was playing.  In the pouring rain, soaked to the skin, the music of the band filled my heart with a warmth and love for Christ that I had forgotten.  Through that concert, I found my way back to a REAL relationship with Christ.  Thank you, Casting Crowns.
9/30/2011 7:30:49 AM
Phebee Marr United States
Phebee Marr

Would just like to thank you and your group for being real and keeping the atmosphere a time of Worship during concerts!  Love, Love the Song Glorious Day!  Went to a concert in Nashville with my Sisters and heard this song for the first time and now everytime I hear it...takes me back to that moment of Worship!  
Love you guys!  Keep up the great work.
9/30/2011 7:32:07 AM
lee paul elmer barker United States
lee paul elmer barker
until the whole world hears!!!!
9/30/2011 7:32:18 AM
Leonard United States
   Mark and JD keep doing what you doing you are  
   laying alot of seeds around.
   Thanks for being yourself,
9/30/2011 7:32:35 AM
Cathy Nash United States
Cathy Nash
Hello Mark, JD
I was at the concert in Phx at the new facility, Grande Canyon University. I have followed your ministry for a few years now and have been to several of your concerts. I must say that Casting Crowns collectively both musically, and lyrically, have gotten so much better with every concert. You blessed me at the first concert I had ever been to, and now your ministry has blessed me again. Thank you from being obedient to our Lord by making this awesome music. You continue to be an example of a great servant especially to our youth of America. Just wanted to say I appreciate you. Thanks again
9/30/2011 7:32:51 AM
laurie United States
Can you please ask them to come to corbin Kentucky with his concerts Come to the Well. So we can see them. I know we would get tickets for them.
9/30/2011 7:34:00 AM
Kara Davis United States
Kara Davis
I would just like to express the overwhelming impact the music of Klove and especially Casting Crowns.  I started listening to you guys, and now as the mother of teenage daughters, am proud to say that Casting Crowns is my 15 yr old daughters favorite music.  This is one of the most awesome things ever for a parent.  When you consider the messages she is getting from YOUR music in this world of "Lady Gaga's" We are so excited about casting crowns coming to Jackson, MS!  My daughters and I said we would be there is we had to roll change to buy tickets!!haha We love you guys and the message you bring in your music....Thank You and God Bless!!  Kara Davis
9/30/2011 7:34:58 AM
ANONYMOUS - But Please Read United States
ANONYMOUS - But Please Read
I stumbled across this tweet about a month ago and for some reason, I bookmarked it. It just sprang to my mind when I heard JD's announcement a few minutes ago, so I wanted to mention it here. I don't know if Casting Crowns follows this Twitter account.

From Brandi Hammon (@Proudmomnwife98):

" @CastingCrownsMH We live near Grove City, where you'll be on Nov. 3rd. Our 9 yr old son sings ur music all day. He would LOVE to meet you. " 3 Sep

If they would follow up with this mom, I would be very grateful. I don't know them personally; she is just someone I saw on Twitter.

- @JesusSister
9/30/2011 7:35:48 AM
tommie Hart United States
tommie Hart
Because of one of your concerts almost 7 yrs ago in Jackson Mississippi, my husband and I learned about Global Youth camps and I can't begin to tell you what a blessing Roger, Bobby and the rest of the staff became in our youth groups life. We met you there the first year (Super Hero camp) and to talk with you and the rest of the band and see that you're just real people with a passion for Christ was amazing. I can't say enough about Global Youth, I had my first "hands on" God experience there the next year and was finally truly saved on that mountain with God's hand on the back of my head(literally)! Anyway, thanks for all that all of you do!
9/30/2011 7:35:54 AM
lucy United States
I have only started listening to K-LOVE since last  August.Casting Crowns has got to be my favorite group,I don't know what it is about your voice but it is very soothing and very inspirational.Your songs have helped me through some tough times at work and at home.I just got my first cd for my birthday of Casting Crowns because The Voice Of Truth is my favorite song.I hope one day I will be able to attend one of your concerts.Thank you and God Bless you.
9/30/2011 7:36:40 AM
Kris United States
Hey JD and Mark,
I am a huge fan of casting crowns now but I have to admit I didn't know about you until early in 2006 when I heard the song Prais You in the Storm come out. See our family was going through a storm at that time. Our third child, a son, was born 15 weeks early and we were in the fight of our life for his life. The doctor's told us all kinds of things like he would die, he would never walk, never talk, never do anything a normal child does. My husband and I stood on the promises of God and we saw miracle after miracle come through for our son. But one day as I was driving to the hospital I was exhausted with the struggle and I cried out to God "What do You want from me?" In my heart I heard a simple word "Praise" then your song came on and I heard it for the first time.
A few years later you guys were at LifeLight in Sioux Falls SD and we got to hear you sing this song live. Tears where streaming down my husband's and my face as I held our son in my arms on a SD field and praised GOd for the storm He had brought us through. Our son is blowing past all of the doctor's predictions now and while we still face challenges I believe God will be faithful to complete the work he began in our son. Thank you for being faithful in the work God has called casting crowns to do. You are touching more lives than you will ever know on this side of heaven. Blessings to ALL of you!
9/30/2011 7:36:46 AM
Camille Brady United States
Camille Brady
Good Morning Gentlemen! Thanks for making this a blessed day for me...I love hearing you both in the morning (and I'm NOT a morning person). LOL

I would LOVE to hear the song "Praise You in this Storm". I've been dealing with chronic health issues for the past few years and after being very independent and always on the go, I have had to slow WAY down and rely on others for a lot of help and support. This song really speaks to me as I travel through this storm in my life. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!  

OMG, you're playing it right now!!! You guys Rock!
9/30/2011 7:37:04 AM
Randy United States
The very first CCM concert I ever went too was in 2010 in Greensboro NC and it was Casting Crown.  Blew me away!!!  Most amazing thing.  A family was sitting near us.  The teenage girl became so moved by the song "Does Anybody Hear Her."  She was cry and holding her hand up.  It was very clear that God was speaking to her heart.  Her Dad stood behind her and held her...  It was one of the most moving things I have ever seen.  I will never forget that.  I will see you in October, bought my tickets as soon as they came out.
9/30/2011 7:38:32 AM
Holly United States
Hey Mark and Casting Crowns,
Thank you. Thank you for allowing God to use you in numerous ways.  Ways that you may never see or be aware of! I am a high school teacher and youth worker and God uses your music to prepare my heart and ready my mind for school. Your songs are so real to the issues of teens today. I find strength and encouragement through those words. There is hope for these kids!
God Bless,
9/30/2011 7:39:57 AM
kim United States
Hi Mark & JD
I wanted to tell how much you and your song praise you in this storm has meant to me. I am in Mississippi, I remember the day the cd was to come out, the day Katrina hit, and i could not get to the store to buy it, but i did here it on the radio, you the version I am talking about. Wow, God is working on me today. as i am writing this & listening toi klove online, that song just came on.... God has been like this all morning for me though klove & prayer. Anyway, that song has helped me through losing my Mother 1 year ago oct 8th. and 2 of my brothers-in-law before that. Thank you Mark for allowing God to use you!!!
Kim Reeves
brandon, Mississippi
got my concert tickets for december already    
9/30/2011 7:40:17 AM
Eloise United States
I love Casting Crowns! I thank God for their music because it puts words to my emotions and adequately describes my journey with the Lord. My all time favorite is "Praise You in This Storm". I saw them at Faith Day at the Rockies game in Denver and was so moved. I play "Courageous" in the mornings to prepare me for work.
9/30/2011 7:41:48 AM
Amy United States
I remember the music of Casting Crowns coming into to my life at a very difficult time for me.

I had been struggling with a two year battle with pornography and had kept it a secret from everyone in my life. The Lord gave me the courage to confess it before my church but with the confession came condemnation from myself.

It was then that I heard the song East to West at a concert at Kings Island in Ohio.

the lyrics "I start the day, the war begins, endless reminding of my sin, time and time again your truth is drowned out by the storm I'm in." hit me in a way like never before.

It was that day that the Lord reminded me that he had cast that sin as far as the east is from the west, and that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for your service to the Lord. You are a blessing!
9/30/2011 7:43:34 AM
Joanne United States
Wow!  I was just getting my computer out to leave a comment about the song "Praise you in this storm" and then it started playing!  God used this song to speak to my heart when I was going through a very difficult period in my life.  I had heard it before, but it just struck me in such a powerful way at that time.  God knows what we need, when we need it.  I would listen to it in my car and the tears would just be rolling down my face. The "Lifesong" cd has become one of my favorites as God used a couple of other songs at different times to show me something as well.  THANK YOU for the blessing you are to me as well as many others I'm sure.  God bless you!
9/30/2011 7:46:06 AM
Pam Kaduce United States
Pam Kaduce
I was just remembering how I got to know Casting Crowns.  I saw Facing the Giants at a youth camp where I volunteered.  I wasn't that interested in a football movie until the infertility story line started.  I was blown away by the movie itself and in the final scenes came up, with God's gift of the baby . . . then "Voice of Truth" started . . . wow, that has meant so much in my life.  I'd only heard the song a few times before but the power of God is revealed so much.  I was at the camp with my little girl adopted from China.  So now I have another connection with the Halls and the band Smile  After I found out who Casting Crowns were after that movie, I've been a #1 fan ever since. K-Love and Casting Crowns - you don't know how much you all mean to us!  God Bless you all.
9/30/2011 7:46:56 AM
Sherrie Adams United States
Sherrie Adams
The song Courageous and Praise You Through This Storm has moved me so much. I just lost my dad last month and it was expected but still so hard to handle.  When he came home from the hospital after finding out that he was dying from terminal brain cancer, he came home with me to live out the rest of his days, however short lived it was.  The hardest thing that I ever had to do was to watch this strong hero of a man that raised me as his own suffer so much watch him fade and diminish into this helpless fragile man that we loved so much. He passed away Monday, Aug 15 at 9:45 pm at home surrounded by all of his family who loved him so much.  My family fell apart.  My parents just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on July 9.  I turned 42 eleven days after my dad passed.  He was cremated and we found it fitting to bury him on his birthday, Sept 8.  The courage that I get from just listening to uplifting Christian music has such a profound effect on my life.  I am at peace with him being gone because of my faith and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that on Aug 15 at 9:45 pm, daddy met Jesus and they went home together.  Thank you for caring enough to make the music that you make and thank you KLOVE for being the guiding light in such dark times.
Sherrie Adams
9/30/2011 7:47:58 AM
Erin United States
Simply Put...
Casting Crowns, ya'll really speaks to me through the words in your songs.  God has used your music to minister to me while I was going through my divorce and even today.  Your lyrics expressed what I was feeling in my breaking heart...when I couldn't.
Thank you all! Keep on keepin on!
It feels like I know you guys.

ps...thanks to all of you at K-Love too
9/30/2011 7:57:18 AM
Briana Kessler United States
Briana Kessler
Hi Mark, I was a 41 year old single mom in 2004 when God told me to buy a motorcycle because I was going to do something for him on it.  I did but had never ridden before and was very scared.  I bought aharley dyna wide glide which is 1450 cc.  Everytime I got on that thing I felt like I couldn't do it, but the song Voice of Truth was in my mind each time I got on it.  I joined christian motorcyclists association, married a man who never rode, taught him how to ride, and we were led to start a new cma chapter in our town.  I have since ridden in all but about 6 of the lower 48 states and logged 100'000 miles.  My hubby and I take most every vacation on our bikes and minister at a lot of motorcycle events.  Had you not obeyed God with that song He could not have vgiven it to me to keep me encouraded...God bless, Briana Kessler.  Indiana
9/30/2011 7:57:57 AM
Lou McLemore United States
Lou McLemore
Hi JD and Mark,
There are several songs from Casting Crowns that helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life, when God started a healing process in me about my past. I had two abortions a teenager and held that shame, unworthiness and pain for over 25 years, but praise God. Jesus got me through, i am a new person and the song "Jesus hold me know" and "Who am I" played a big roll in that process. I can say now that that i am healed, delivered and set free. For there is now no condemnation in Christ. I now have a post-abortion-recovery ministry and can help guide women and men to that place where they can find healing and restoration. Praise God
You guys are awesome.
Many blessings.

9/30/2011 8:02:51 AM
Brandi United States
Hello.....Just wanted to say thank you for your witness through music and your lives.  I was able to see Casting Crowns in concert in Longview, TX last year and enjoyed every minute.  I am a volunteer youth leader in our church and music has always been a big part of my life.  I love, love, love your song Voice of Truth.  It is my ring tone on my phone and it is the theme I try to get across to my youth listen to the Truth about who they are and what they can do! I hope to be able to make it to your concert in Bossier City, LA this year!  Thanks again, keep up the great work for the Kingdom and God bless!
9/30/2011 8:07:36 AM
Kristy United States
My 13 year old son and I saw you in concert in August when you visited the Wisconsin State Fair.  We had an amazing time!  You are so inspirational and I left the concert feeling like I was even closer to my son who I do not always have a lot of alone time with.  Now when we listen to Klove in the morning and one of your songs come on we turn up the volume and talk about the great time we had at the concert and how we love your music.  Please continue doing what you are doing!  The love of God comes through to us every time we hear your music and this is truly needed in today's world!  You guys are a blessing from God!!    
9/30/2011 8:54:03 AM
joan wigginton United States
joan wigginton
thank you casting crowns for all your music are so very annointed thru your,e music, it hasblessed and changed my life........I love all the songs the best!
9/30/2011 8:55:29 AM
joan wigginton United States
joan wigginton
Thank you so much for all your,e awsome music!!! The words have been a huge comfort and strength to me so many times!!! you guys are definatly annointed by GOD thru your,e music!...
9/30/2011 8:55:41 AM
joan wigginton
joan wigginton
Thank you so much for all your,e awsome music!!! The words have been a huge comfort and strength to me so many times!!! you guys are definatly annointed by GOD thru your,e music!...
9/30/2011 8:55:50 AM
joan wigginton
joan wigginton
Thank you so much for all your,e awsome music!!! The words have been a huge comfort and strength to me so many times!!! you guys are definatly annointed by GOD thru your,e music!...
9/30/2011 9:17:01 AM
Judy McClure United States
Judy McClure
I want to tell Casting Crowns how much they mean to me, and especially their song "Does anybody hear her." At a time when I felt like, even being 52 years old, so alone and crying for help, that song made me feel like, you heard  me, if nobody else ever hears me, your song proved to me that someone cares. I truely have wanted to take my life, but your songs are always something I can come back to. Thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, thankyou so much.
9/30/2011 9:21:33 AM
Janice Keeney United States
Janice Keeney
Thank you Klove,JD, all the klove DJ's and Casting Crowns and all the Gospel Singers, Pastors and excellent ones on the earth; for the blessing you are to the world "Until the Whole World Hears!!! And the LORD returns for His church. We Pray In Jesus Name. Amen

9/30/2011 9:29:43 AM
Joy United States
I want to give God all the honor and glory for Casting Crowns and KLOVE.  I have to tell you that I was in a dark place when I heard "Voice of Truth" and it made me change my life forever.  I was nothing and dying, but now I'm someone and alive.  I have since lost my mom in 2009 and I think of her everytime I hear "Praise you in this storm" for several reasons.  She always told me to never stop praying when things are the worst and for her Psalms 121 on her guest cards at her rosary visitation.  Thank you for reminding us with your songs how everyone goes through trials and not to give up.  God Bless you all.
9/30/2011 10:08:07 AM
Michelle Bolding United States
Michelle Bolding
I want to say thanks to JD and Mark from Casting Crowns for such great words of wisdom spoken this morning.  My 12 year old son and I listen to KLove every day, and there isn't a day that goes by that we don't receive a blessing.  Casting Crowns is one of my favorite groups and their songs are so inspirational.  I hoped to be able to go see them in concert in Memphis on Oct. 13 but I do not have the money to purchase the tickets.  Hopefully they will come to my area again and I can take my son to a concert.  Since I have been listening to KLove, I have realized how much I need God in my life and how wonderful it feels to praise Him. Thanks KLove and Casting Crowns for making a difference in mine and my son's lives.    
9/30/2011 11:56:03 AM
Lauren Willoughby United States
Lauren Willoughby
Hi JD, Thanks for having Casting Crowns on the show. I love listening to their music.
Hey Casting Crowns, keep it up with not just your music, but also your encouragement in the Word of God. I find a lot of your music inspiring as well as fun to listen to.(There's even one I'd like to make an animation for). I also saw the video for your newest "Courageous". Really liked both the video and song. Quite inspiring. I know it's meant to encourage men( especially those with families) to stand courageous, but do you think women can also be courageous too?
Again, keep it up out there. You guys all are a blessing from God and you just plain rock.
Good luck to you and God Bless.
10/1/2011 5:52:08 AM
Elizabeth Goad United States
Elizabeth Goad
Hey Mark, JD, and the rest of the Casting Crowns crew from the tiny town of Jonesboro, Arkansas! I just want to say that you guys are amazing! Casting Crowns is the first Christian band I had ever listened to. You guys came to a liiiiittle bity church in Harrisburg AR and maybe? 50 people were there. We listened to your cd on the way and I fell in love with "The Voice of Truth" I immediately bought the cd at the concert and talked to you guys. I never wanted to leave. So, thank you, for putting the fire for Christ in my heart. Now, what 6, 7 years later? I am a mom of 5 and I am finding a college to go to so I can get a Youth Ministry degree Smile See what good works He has done through you?
Love, peace, and chicken grease,
10/1/2011 5:53:02 AM
Crystal United States
Hello JD and Casting Crowns!! When I first heard "Courageous" I didn't know about the movie...but I kept thinking, there should be a movie about this!! LOL Then I saw the preview online and there were a nation, we are losing the battle for keeping our families together. I will be getting married in March and my fiance can't wait to see this movie and I am very much looking forward to the day when he will take our future daughter out and give her the promise ring he gave me. Your music is just awesome...never heard a song I didn't like. May God continue to bless you all! XXxx

<3 to the whole band and to the whole k-love family.
10/1/2011 6:02:28 AM
britni ilczuk United States
britni ilczuk
I wanted to thank casting crowns for their song "Lifesong". I was a dancer for 13 years but never seemed to be one of the "good ones". I questioned God for years as to why He would call me to a life of dance when I wasn't good. In my last two years I heard the song Lifesong and realized that in everything we do we are to honor Him. I choreographed my senior solo to Lifesong and the next year I realized my calling. The studio I danced for kept me as a teacher and the ballet company that practices there asked me to be assistant director. Proving that when a person let's their Lifesong sing to Him, He will make them all they are to be. Thank you!
10/1/2011 6:08:25 AM
Mike P United States
Mike P
Casting Crowns,

I don't know where to start . . . God has annointed you all to not only bring music to glorify our God and challenge us, but also to remind us that there is hope only in Jesus Christ.

The albums just keep getting better  . . . keep up the great work and with Christ all things are possible! Thanks for making a difference in the kingdom of God!

10/1/2011 2:47:30 PM
Simon Bunch United States
Simon Bunch
i love casting crowns because it makes me want to turn my life to god
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