Mar 14 2012


Lead me, Father:

Lead me that I might lead these children whose lives and hearts you have entrusted to me for a season.

Lead me daily to the well of grace, that as I nurture and instruct my children I would find my own weaknesss, selfishness, and pettiness replaced by Your abundant strength, generosity and kindness.

Lead me to listen and consider the thoughts and emotions of my children before I speak. Give me unusual insight into their hearts and lives. Guide me that I might guide them in the midst of the decisions and storms they will face. Supply me with wisdom to prepare them to live as agents of grace, redemption and mercy in a fallen and broken world.

Lead me into a greater love for your word and truth, and into a greater hunger for you, so that my children might grow up in a home where your presence is known, learning by example what it means to seek you with all of their hearts.

Lead me to the wisdom and sensitivity I need to be a nurturing steward of the gifts you have placed in my children. Let me see beyond the paths of my own life, that I might be open to the unique purposes and plans you have for them. Lead me to release my agenda for their lives, and to embrace and facilitate Your dreams for them instead.

Lead me to diligence, discipline, and creativity in my work, that through the labor of my mind and hands your provision for the physical needs of my family would flow. And in seasons of sickness or unemployment, give me yet an unwavering faith in You as this family's Provider and Protector.

Lead me to live each day with eternity in view, so that the ways in which I invest the time, talents and treasures you have loaned me will be an ongoing witness of Your infinite worth before the watchful eyes of my children.

Above all, lead me to the cross, the place where I might receive the grace required to humbly model for my family what it means to follow in the footsteps of Christ, loving and serving them as Christ loves and serves his church.

I bow my heart before you in recognition of my utter dependence. Leading this family requires more wisdom, selflessness and strength than I possess. But as you lead me, I know that you will show me the way to lead them.

It is in this hope and this promise that I expectantly pray. Lead me, Father. Amen.

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3/22/2012 5:13:32 AM
Barbara Hathorn United States
Barbara Hathorn
Thank you for this piece.  I have read it over and
over the past few days, inserting the word "grand" in front of children.  They are going thru a divorce
in their family and are living with their grandpa and me as their mom struggles. The Lord has especially led me to the phrase to listen and consider the thoughts and emotions of my grandchildren before I speak.  Thank you for the help I need with my little grand angels.  Have a
blessed day!  Love, Barbara
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