Nov 03 2014

Aurora's Newest cop, College Basketball Player with Cancer's debut and more...

Aurora's Newest Cop Is Just 10 Years Old



Daughter Photoshops Herself into Vintage Pictures of Her Mom


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Basketball Player with Cancer Sinks Layup in Inspirational College Debut


 7 Brain-Power Foods You Should Eat Every Day


Some thoughts from Larry Wayne on voting…


I don't know about where you live, but right here in my area there are two candidates running for office and they have been on tv constantly for weeks, beating each other up. If all we knew about them was what we hear on the tv, neither of them deserve a vote. It's Election Fatigue...and on the eve of the election, many of us have it. Romans 13 says we are to submit ourselves to the governing authorities. But here's the rub...we are responsible for putting quality authorities in office! Just because the system doesn't always give us good candidates is no reason to stop trying to elect good ones. There are Americans in harms way right now trying to bring Iraqi citizens to a place where they can vote for candidates. Recently, 10 million Afghans just voted, many of them women who have never before had that opportunity. It is an honor to be able to choose who governs us. So tonight, do your homework. Dig deeper than the tv ads to find out the truth about the candidates and issues that affect you, and tomorrow please do your duty as an American citizen...and vote. 



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Oct 30 2014

Girl digitally inserts herself in Mom's Photos and more...

Girl Digitally Inserts Herself into Mom's Childhood Photos

Realistic Max Amount Of Weight You could Gain In A Day

Present from Dad Turns Teen Into Multimillionaire.

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