Apr 29 2014

#SpringChallenge Update

The faithful love of the LORD never ends!

    His mercies never cease.

Great is his faithfulness;

    his mercies begin afresh each morning.

 ~ Lamentations 3:22-23

Weekends are my weakness… at least when it comes to good habit making! I justify it as a free cheat pass because it is like a reward for being good for 5 days straight. Only a week into the #springchallenge and I was so over it on Saturday when my alarm woke me with a reminder that I still had a goal to reach. Though my bed seemed like a much more inviting place to be, and my knees asked me not to go, I got up, wiped the sleep out of my eyes, put my mismatched socks on, and hit the road running! Unfortunately, I threw clean eating out the door, AND didn’t go for my smaller run yesterday. Then, this morning I woke up feeling guilty for my lack of self control. Sound familiar to anyone? 

Thankfully for you and me, we don’t have to go back to ground zero—we can pick up right where we are today. And even though you may have fallen off the bandwagon over the weekend, it is a new week which means new opportunities. As long as you woke up breathing today it means God is giving ya another chance!

How is your #springchallenge going so far? -Lauren

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Apr 21 2014


Experts say it takes 30 days of doing something to make it a habit.

I'm trying to make running my habit. Just signed up to do my first trail run. So far the only thing I know about trails is I like to eat the mix;) But, in a month I'll be running 6.2 miles on one. I had a lot of excuses why this wasn't the best time (I still haven't told my knees I signed up!) but if not now, when?!

Will you do this with me? Doesn't have to be running , but taking on any type of #springchallenge. Maybe it's something you are trying to make a habit OR it's a bad habit you are tying to get rid of. It helps to have a friend to do it with.  Smile 

Hello friend. Lets cheer each other on during this 30 day adventure in the #noexcuse zone. Change starts somewhere, so why not today - only 29 left to go till it feels more normal. Wink