Apr 21 2014


Experts say it takes 30 days of doing something to make it a habit.

I'm trying to make running my habit. Just signed up to do my first trail run. So far the only thing I know about trails is I like to eat the mix;) But, in a month I'll be running 6.2 miles on one. I had a lot of excuses why this wasn't the best time (I still haven't told my knees I signed up!) but if not now, when?!

Will you do this with me? Doesn't have to be running , but taking on any type of #springchallenge. Maybe it's something you are trying to make a habit OR it's a bad habit you are tying to get rid of. It helps to have a friend to do it with.  Smile 

Hello friend. Lets cheer each other on during this 30 day adventure in the #noexcuse zone. Change starts somewhere, so why not today - only 29 left to go till it feels more normal. Wink